Author Topic: A small way to make bots smarter.  (Read 8198 times)

Alex B.

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A small way to make bots smarter.
« on: 22/11/20, 10:24pm »
I notice the bots tend to put pieces at the top of the board.  If instead they tended to put pieces at the bottom (bottom left especially) they would at least score better when “the broken road” was one of the objectives.  Can they be given the bottom left corner as a seed instead of the top of the board?


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Re: A small way to make bots smarter.
« Reply #1 on: 23/11/20, 12:40am »
It's probably just a matter of prioritization for the developer(s). They may have thought that it is harder to write an AI than it is.

I wrote an AI, and getting it to intermediate level is pretty easy. It's using a greedy algorithm, which is neither computationally expensive nor hard to code up. Getting it to 'advanced' level, especially with certain scoring cards (Lost Barony, Shieldgate etc.), is probably pretty tricky.