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Alex B.

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« on: 03/04/20, 04:16am »
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that one should not use the “hoard all the 10s or 9s” tactic?  I have branched out from Lost Cities and May be committing some faux pas by using that tactic (I was asked to “play fair”).

Rebecca R.

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Re: Etiquette?
« Reply #1 on: 03/04/20, 04:46am »
There is skill involved in playing Lost cities, however there is an element of luck too, which is what I think is nice about the game - anyone can win. You can only hoard the 10s and 9s if you happen to draw them, seems like a good tactic to me if you get the opportunity. I do not think this is unfair, it's just the way the game goes sometimes.

Ieta C.

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Re: Etiquette?
« Reply #2 on: 03/04/20, 09:34am »
The hand limit means anyone hoarding 10s and 9s will have problems with getting long runs in a particular expedition. There are counter-strategies that can sometimes be deployed, notably specialising in particular colours and trying to get long expeditions. Also note that you need a minimum of 3 cards to make a profit.

Unless you have specifically agreed otherwise in advance with a specific player in advance, you can play the cards however you find them :)

Jimmy V.

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Re: Etiquette?
« Reply #3 on: 03/04/20, 09:54am »
Are you talking of Level X or Lost Cities? You are in the Level X forum but everyone is talking about LC.

The original question makes more sense for Level X to me.

Daniel G.

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Re: Etiquette?
« Reply #4 on: 03/04/20, 04:51pm »
I agree with Ieta C. Unless it is agreed ahead of time with a specific player, I would not feel bad about utilizing available strategies in any game. 

In Level X, it is a common strategy to hoard all of one number if possible (not just the 9's and 10's), and your opponent can displace you if they don't like it (obviously with a little help from the dice).

Carl J.

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Re: Etiquette?
« Reply #5 on: 05/04/20, 01:33am »
Guys Ive played probably 10k games of LC over the years and Ive not once thought about or encountered what you are speaking about. Are you saying other players should give you 10s?? This sounds like a question from someone new to the game and will clear itself up for them in a few more rounds.

Ps if this is about level x that is an equally puzzling question and has no bearing on the game. You have no given right to simply demand your opponent not take what is available and every ability to get what you need yourself.

If you are new, that was probably just the writing of a frustrated player or newbie who doesn't yet see the proper level x strategy and gameplay.

Never heard that on either game before.
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