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Jimmy V.:
As you can see from the screenshots below, we are preparing a new version of the main page.

Can you give us your thoughts about the two main changes?

1) the interface in general
- do you like it?
- is is readable?
- is the list of games good enough? Any information missing?

2) most importantly, the Meeple Times zone, a constanlty changing newspaper that will inform you on what is going on, particularly what you have been doing and what your friends have been doing.
- do you like it?
- is it readable?
- the font size varies with the importance of the news and its freshness. This is done so you never miss anything new. In the 2nd screenshot, the font sizes don't change. That gives a more rigid layout, but maybe more readable. I fear though that you will not see what changed since the last time the news were generated. What do you think?

Gues(s) T.:
Quick Judgement after a short look: for me its convincing, I like it. I would prefer an extra barrow for the small icons and the icons should be bigger. Thanks for your efforts to improve.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks very much for your feedback! What do you mean exactly by "an extra barrow"? Do you mean a specific zone for the small icons like before?

Mike A.:
I think I prefer the first font example that blows up for bigger items. It all looks good to me.

Gues(s) T.:
Sorry, false word (barrow), yes specific zone, all (small) icons in a single row.


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