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Please comment on hover and click sounds


Jimmy V.:

From today, you'll hear a sound when hovering your mouse on most buttons (including the one at the top of the menu page). See this thread for more info: Happy Meeple platform updates

Please give me your feelings about it!

Are there too many sounds? Would it be better to have these sounds only for the top menu icons?

The job is not finished. There are quite a few places where there is no sound but there should be. However if you tell me that there are already too many sounds and it is annoying, I will go backwards.

Thanks for your time and keep playing our board games online for free on Happy Meeple!

I can't play the sounds on my ipad :'(

Jimmy V.:
Hi Carolyn.

Thanks for posting in the forum. That's the best way to ask questions. Then we get a trace for the future.

Yes it has always been like this because Safari could not play several sounds at the same time. I should have a look to see if it can do it better now.

Have fun playing with the meeples!


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