Author Topic: Best way to send Private Messages?  (Read 6853 times)

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Best way to send Private Messages?
« on: 05/01/17, 09:43pm »
What is the best way to send private messages? Apparently if you use the in game chat (the speech bubble icon next to the heart icon) it only pops up if you play a game with them. Otherwise it doesn't show up.

Does PM via the forum show up on Daily News?

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Re: Best way to send Private Messages?
« Reply #1 on: 06/01/17, 11:53am »
Hi Darryn,

The one-on-one chats should work fine on the menu page as on the game page. So if you post to someone, a chat zone will open even if he is on the menu page. I have just tried with two accounts on my machine.

Following your message, however, I have noticed that the first message posted opens then one-on-one chat on the other player page silently and no enveloppe shows in that case. But as soon as you post a second message, an enveloppe shows up.

I think we need to improve this slightly. An idea is that the enveloppe will appear at the top of the page instead of moving towards the chat zone. And of course, the enveloppe should be shown after the first message too.

Some confusion is also created by the enveloppe. It shows that a new message has arrived, but players want to click on the enveloppe to open it. There is no need to click on the enveloppe. The message is already there in the chat below.

Thanks for asking!

PS: I am not sure about the PM system of the forum. I think an email will be sent to the recipient (provided he has a registered email address), but I would not bet on that. So, it is best to write to other players via the chat provided on the platform.
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