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Caroline Nova M.:
Hi, I would like to try it, too !
Thanks for this great website !  :)

Jimmy V.:

I have now sent you an email. Caroline, I hope your email works (the address is a bit weird).

We just got some very interesting feedback from Thomas W. I hope to read your impressions soon too.


Sébastien B.:

As a board gamer who also practices fishing, I'd be very interested in trying Risky Fishing.

Thank you for considering my application, and for your very enjoyable site.


Sunny B.:
Hi there,
I‘d like to try the game as well, of possible. Thanks.
I like the concept of the Happy Meeple platform and especially that you offer tutorials which some other sites don’t.

Lisa W.:
Oh I gotta try it been playing raging bulls. I should try this one


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