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Raging Bulls / Re: Auto Re-Roll Instead of Forced Mallet Use
« Last post by Haplo on 14/06/21, 05:11pm »
The great thing is that my suggested change (which probably won't go anywhere, but hey, no harm in talking about it) would still allow you to weigh those odds. The difference is that you would be deciding whether to use a mallet to get a possibly better outcome rather than being forced to use it because your result has no possible plays.
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Color-blind helpers on all games?
« Last post by Ritik P. on 05/06/21, 09:40am »
Most colour blind people are able to see things as clearly as other people but they are unable to fully 'see' red, green or blue light. There are different types of colour blindness and there are extremely rare cases where people are unable to see any colour at all.
Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« Last post by Mike A. on 02/06/21, 06:53am »
It would also be nice to have all-time high ratings for each game listed, both for the individual and site.
Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« Last post by Mike A. on 25/05/21, 12:24pm »
Please come up with a way that allows players back in games that they get booted from. It's really, really frustrating when it's the site's problem and not on my end. We have ten minutes per turn, so why not allow players at least half of that to close out, sign back in and get back in the game? It's maddening to lose food and rating when the site gets stuck and forces a loss.
Wow! That's amazing. I like the game - it's actually the reason why I found this page. But I haven't been near as many medals.
Rankings, meeples and achievements / Re: Raging Bulls - 28 Medals!
« Last post by Mike A. on 25/05/21, 07:19am »
I'm not a fan of the game, so I only play it when it's involved in the daily quest. I'm sure I've never been anywhere near that many, though. Well done!
Rankings, meeples and achievements / Raging Bulls - 28 Medals!
« Last post by Hugo M. on 25/05/21, 06:26am »
Hi, just scored 28 medals in Raging Bulls. Has anybody reached more/got the 29th? Sadly I hadn't been able to build a stable!
Raging Bulls / Re: Auto Re-Roll Instead of Forced Mallet Use
« Last post by Wm M. on 19/05/21, 04:37pm »
Interesting, that had never occurred to me! For me that's never felt like a problem, more just an attribute of the game in its end stage.

A part of what makes it interesting to me is that late in the game (when you have fewer and fewer open posts, and need more specific rolls), the decision to roll or stop becomes increasingly significant.

I actually enjoy weighing the odds of getting a roll that I need vs. the possibility of getting an unplayable roll (or one that I'd have to play but will reduce my score), and enjoy that those odds change as I get closer to the end of the game.

Raging Bulls / Auto Re-Roll Instead of Forced Mallet Use
« Last post by Haplo on 19/05/21, 12:04am »
I really like Raging Bulls, but there is a serious problem with the game. It seems to be affected by chance more than other games. It feels unfair to get a terribly low score on a game just because I threw a series of bad rolls. I mean, even RISK isn't that bad. You can recover from a few bad rolls on that. With Raging Bulls, three bad rolls ends your game.

I just really wish that instead of forcing you to use a mallet, a roll that resulted in no numbers matching available posts would produce an automatic reroll.

Wouldn't that be more fair?
Tutorial, training, online play / Re: One Player Time Limit?
« Last post by Haplo on 18/05/21, 11:28pm »
If you want a solo game with no time limit and no stress, then you can play in training mode.
Interesting thought, Kristin. I never considered the time limit as an actual feature of the solo game; the time given is really too much to present a real challenge.
What if there were an option for solo games where less time was given, making them more challenging? Rapid Response Solo!
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