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Would it be possible (and of interest to other people) to be able to "watch" a game while it's in progress?

As a fairly weak Cartographers player, it would be fantastic to watch -- and learn from! -- games between more skilled players.

I realize there would be a lot of complications to figure out, but I'm curious whether it's something you've ever considered.
Cartographers / Re: Best Great City
« Last post by Hugo M. on 11/08/21, 07:07am »
I just reached 47 points as well - in edict D. Great luck in the last season to combine two branches through another two read pieces! :D
Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« Last post by Gambit on 08/08/21, 08:43pm »
I just scored 72 on Borderlands and won the game. It’s a first for me, I was lucky in Winter.
Circle The Wagons / Re: Question about scoring of badlands
« Last post by Lieven D. on 08/08/21, 01:22pm »
Ok, thanks, I didn't look at it that way. You could be right about that. I couldn't find it in the rulebook, however.
Circle The Wagons / Re: Question about scoring of badlands
« Last post by Stuart L. on 08/08/21, 12:01pm »
Guns are only scored once each, regardless of whether they're between desert locations vertically or horizontally or both.  Two guns, eight points.  That's my understanding of the situation, anyway.  Hope it helps.
Circle The Wagons / Question about scoring of badlands
« Last post by Lieven D. on 08/08/21, 11:23am »
Hi, I just played a game of Circle The Wagons.
I was assuming I would score 12 on badlands in that game, but in the end I only got 8 points.

My town is on the left, on the third row I first have a gun between two desert territories, after that I have another (in which the gun itself is also on a desert territory) and lastly I also have the same gun between two desert territories vertically.

Apparently, the last one isn't scored. Is this because I misunderstood the rules (badlands specifically), or is it a mistake in the scoring algorithm?
so what if you only finish bot games you are going to win and always leave bot games you're going to lose.  this would artificially inflate player ratings since normal bot games allow you to rank/rate.  it's either this or bot games don't count toward ratings and that's no fun for anyone who can't find a partner.  you can't have your cake and Edith too :D
Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« Last post by Unicoherent on 02/08/21, 04:15am »
I am not very good at borderlands, and I don't keep much in the way of records of games played, but sometimes if I think I did especially well I save a screenshot of the game, and from my saved screenshots I have one showing 8 borderlands without the wasteland with a total score of 131 and one showing 9 borderlands with the wasteland and a total score of 153 (both times the borderlands were Edict D)
Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« Last post by Huggable T. on 01/08/21, 11:15pm »
It is achievable with the wasteland but you have to go for it and forego reputation coins - I have achieved 66 points only the once when it was Edict D  - however I find it very difficult without the wasteland to achieve a decent high score.   It would be interesting to find out what meeplers  max scores are with and without the wasteland for borderlands when its Edict A or D

I know there are meeplers who have made over 200 points in their games, so their input would be great if Borderlands was present in them
Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« Last post by Jodie P. on 01/08/21, 10:48pm »
I hit a 66 today which was very satisfying!
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