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World, castle, market... / Re: Favourite world maps
« Last post by Happy Meeple on 26/01/20, 10:37pm »
Ah! Ah! Your world is not bad indeed.

Here are 3 more. Can you spot yours?

World, castle, market... / Re: Favourite world maps
« Last post by Alex B. on 26/01/20, 04:30am »
Clearly this was posted before you saw mine.   ;D
World, castle, market... / Favourite world maps
« Last post by Happy Meeple on 24/01/20, 07:24pm »

From today, screenshots of your world map are generated and stored on our server (only for the most active players for the moment as we are still experimenting). This allows to display your world in your profile page for all to see.

As the developer of the platform, it is quite emotional for me to see for the first time what you have done with it. It may be extremely surprising, but I never found the time to look at what you did there and had little idea about the final result. I simply did not have the tools to do it. Today, for the first time in so many years, I can see your worlds. And I am pleased to see many of you have planted trees, mown their lawn and built new roofs.

Enough said though, here are my favourites.

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« Last post by Happy Meeple on 24/01/20, 01:58pm »
Thanks for your nice feedback. It's difficult to change scoring now especially as it affects all world records and all challenges threshold. It would be a lot of work for a benefit that is not so clear.

We are very proud of this game in any case. And judging by the numbers of games played each week, you seem to be loving it too.

Anyone completed all challenges? I did not check the stats.
Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« Last post by Ernie S. on 23/01/20, 08:16pm »
What a neat game, I enjoy it very much. Only suggestion for me would be to slightly increase points for pairings and slightly reduce penalty for mallet use. This to offset high random element factor inheret to this game.
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Screenshots - your opinion
« Last post by Jeanbastien K. on 22/01/20, 12:13pm »
like it :)
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Screenshots - your opinion
« Last post by Alex B. on 18/01/20, 06:28pm »
It would be cool to record that *one* time you got all 12 cards of a colour in Lost Cities.
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Screenshots - your opinion
« Last post by Luciano B. on 17/01/20, 02:27pm »
Great feature: I like the idea of sharing the final state of a game and share it with others!
Tips, polls, updates / Screenshots - your opinion
« Last post by Happy Meeple on 14/01/20, 03:45pm »

We have started to work on a new feature. This feature takes screenshots of your world map and/or the final state of a game (score + final position). It is also conceivable to make this feature available to other parts of the platform (like ranking tables).
We would like to discuss the subject with you and see if you come up with interesting ideas. The way that this feature will be done is still quite open. No doubt that you can come up with some very useful comments to help us shape that feature.

Main goals

There are 2 main goals:
  • inside Happy Meeple, other players can see what you have done in your world directly from your profile page.
    Your world image is available there.
    Click on anyone's profile to see what they achieved.
    Also, the final state of any archived game is accessible from your profile game history.
  • outside Happy Meeple, screenshots can be used to show what you are doing.
    The world screenshot can be shared as a JPEG image or as a dedicated webpage (the webpage has links to Happy Meeple which helps you get more friends to the platform and therefore get the gold rewards associated with it).
    Similarly, you can show your best games, for example when you reached a high score.


The main issue with the screenshot feature is that it takes some time.
On a recent iPad, it takes about 0.4 second.
On a powerful desktop PC, it takes between 1.5 and 2 seconds (Chrome and Firefox).
On a slow iPhone 6, it takes between 5 and 10 seconds.

For the world map screenshot to be really useful, it would need to be sent to our servers regularly, ideally every time the player makes a change. It is difficult to do this in the background as the operation of taking a screenshot makes the browser semi-responsive. It would therefore need to interrupt the natural flow of the interface, but how and when? How often? This not clear.

For the final state of a game, the problem is probably easier to solve. We have not tried yet, but we suppose the screenshot of an endgame situation will be much faster than for the world map. Moreover, it is clear when it needs to be done, only once at the end of the game. It may still slow down the endgame process though.

Let us know your thoughts!

Off topic / Re: Hello, everyone
« Last post by Evon M. on 14/01/20, 02:07pm »
Hello Im new here too
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