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Happy Meeple community / Manipulating ratings
« Last post by Happy Meeple on 28/06/20, 05:17pm »
Hello my friends.

A little note for your information.

Someone was manipulating their rating by playing repeated unfinished games against a fake account (games lasting 15 seconds always with the same winner).

This is easily detectable and in that case we do the appropriate thing.

So it is both a waste of time for you and for us.

It takes us 15 minutes to check the account and make sure everything is all right.

It is better if we use this time developing new games and a better platform, don't you agree?

We strive to keep Happy Meeple a happy place with nice players, nice chats and nice games. That's what it has always been and will always be. Please help us in our endeavour!

Thanks for your understanding!


The part that is displayed gets rounded up.  But internally you have not quite hit 1550. omegle
Raging Bulls / Game modification
« Last post by Maximalac on 24/06/20, 12:17am »
Game modification

In Raging Bulls, we roll 3 dice.
Then we draw a line on the table between two selected values ​​and the third value is placed on the recycled table.

When drawing a line between a value that has already been used and another value, two identical + the other values ​​are required. One of the two identical values ​​is then uploaded to the recycled board.

Both recycling are legitimate and logical.

But what happens if we throw three values ​​that we prefer to throw away? Why these dropped values ​​are not recycled?

Sometimes, up to three times in a row, we roll dice with unusable values ​​on a perfectly good board. Sometimes two rolls give the same three values.

These cases are too random and risky.
I don’t know how much the change would affect the course of the game. But maybe it would be worth a try.

Anyway it can easily be that the game in its existing form is the most exciting.
Permanent meeples or badges

I think the existing meeple signs are hilarious and great.
But what if we added permanent meeples to the existing meeple list?
These would not follow the player’s current score, but it would be enough to get them once and from then the player would own them.

In order, I would suggest the following:
- in the top 100
- in the top 20
- top 10, top 9, top 8, ...., top 3, top 2
- No. 1 = the king of that game.  :)

These permanent badges can be meeples or tokens attached to the player's display name.

What would all this be good for?
What would it improves on the system?

The feature of the ELO score system is that the higher the score, the harder it is to keep it.
(The ELO score system is the invention of Árpád Élő, an USA professor who has a real Hungarian mind, name and ancestors)

With this little invention, the saying would be true: "once a king, always a king".

So it would be much more worthwhile to fight for more upscale rankings.
The usual English expression you are looking for is just 'whole number'. So scores are rounded up on screen to the nearest whole number.
Hello! I cant see your screenshot, but I remember same thing happened before, because your elo is something like 1499.9998 (because of the math behind the elo) and the interface shows 1500, which is the closest number (Im sorry I dont know how is the way to call this numbers in English) . If this is the case, you should get your meeple next time you win :)
(I just  realized 5 ppl said same thing in this thread last time it  was postes, as I remembered XD)
Raging Bulls / Re: How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?
« Last post by Marlene H. on 20/06/20, 02:06pm »
Thanks Brian.
That helps a lot.

I misunderstood what the stars meant.  I thought more stars meant you could earn more stars from those challenges.  Turns out that's just the opposite of what it meant.

Thanks to your kind explanation, I now have a new Meeple.   :)
Raging Bulls / Re: How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?
« Last post by Brian S. on 20/06/20, 03:21am »
My apologies.  It’s not training. It’s challenges & tutorials. When you select challenges & tutorials, the choose a challenge screen shows how many stars you have gained for each challenge (in orange or red.) Gray stars show tutorials that you have not received any stars for.  Locks show locked challenges.  When you are in a tutorial or challenge you can get up to three stars.  Once in a tutorial or challenge, the number of stars you get is related to your final score.  The chart showing the number of points needed is at the top on the right above your name.  Once you get stars for a specific tutorial you only get additional stars if you exceed the number of stars you already have.  For example if you gained two stars on specific challenge the first time, if you play that same challenge again you will not get additional stars unless you get the score that corresponds to three stars, at which time you will gain one additional star and the two stars that showed on the choose a challenge screen will change from two to three. I hope this helps and doesn't make it even more confusing.
Raging Bulls / Re: How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?
« Last post by Marlene H. on 19/06/20, 11:36pm »
Stars are gained in training.

Sometimes they are.
Sometimes they aren't.

That's what confusing.
Raging Bulls / Re: How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?
« Last post by Brian S. on 17/06/20, 12:12am »
Stars are gained in training.
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