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Why I did not get my new mepple?

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Guest 226215:
Hello! I cant see your screenshot, but I remember same thing happened before, because your elo is something like 1499.9998 (because of the math behind the elo) and the interface shows 1500, which is the closest number (Im sorry I dont know how is the way to call this numbers in English) . If this is the case, you should get your meeple next time you win :)
(I just  realized 5 ppl said same thing in this thread last time it  was postes, as I remembered XD)

Geraldine M.:
The usual English expression you are looking for is just 'whole number'. So scores are rounded up on screen to the nearest whole number.

Beverly T.:
The part that is displayed gets rounded up.  But internally you have not quite hit 1550. omegle


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