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HexRoller / Re: Hex Roller Highest Score
« on: 03/10/21, 02:46pm »
With 453 games played, my top score in Hex Roller is 90.

All the games here have a substantial amount of luck involved. That's why we play them and not chess. Anyone can win any of these at any time. That's especially true of Finito, which I surprisingly still enjoy even though it's maddening.

Regarding Lost Cities, as has been said, part of what makes it fun and exciting is trying to figure out how much you should give up in some expeditions to go for the big bang ones. The Happy Meeple version plays a bit different than the official game because it's one hand instead of three. That makes luck much more important here.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 02/06/21, 06:53am »
It would also be nice to have all-time high ratings for each game listed, both for the individual and site.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 25/05/21, 12:24pm »
Please come up with a way that allows players back in games that they get booted from. It's really, really frustrating when it's the site's problem and not on my end. We have ten minutes per turn, so why not allow players at least half of that to close out, sign back in and get back in the game? It's maddening to lose food and rating when the site gets stuck and forces a loss.

I'm not a fan of the game, so I only play it when it's involved in the daily quest. I'm sure I've never been anywhere near that many, though. Well done!

Hahaha. Isn't that the way it goes? I was just feeling the same thing with Keltis Or when I lost something like 6 out of 8. Then I won 15 in a row, lost one, won 21 in a row (my best streak ever) to get me to the highest I've ever been.

You rock at Level X. I'm always happy if I win 7 out of 10. 

(Update: And now one of the worst streaks of all-time to plummet 100+ points. Hehehe.)

HexRoller / Re: HexRoller strategies
« on: 26/04/21, 08:04am »
It has been a while since I played Hex, but I imagine we probably all have ways to attack the board. Then, as you say, we deviate as necessary based on early rolls.

I'm curious, though, how do you check out games from other players?

Regarding your skill/luck, 68 rated games is a decent sized sample. It could still be off some, but that's always the case due to the importance of the last 20 games.

I'm afraid it's called luck. I seriously doubt any programming is created to give someone an advantage or disadvantage for their rolls. I recently had three out of four games of Keltis Or where the opponent rolled triple stones to win in the last turn. It was infuriating, but luck happens.

Cartographers / Re: Why is there no tie breaker?
« on: 24/03/21, 11:54am »
There are many excellent games that don't have tie breakers. I've never played the game in question, but many games are more satisfying with ties than declaring a winner due to some arbitrary rule. I look at it this way, if I can't clearly and obviously defeat an opponent, I don't deserve a win.

There are a couple of different issues here. To the original post, we need to be penalized (given a loss) if we leave because games against bots matter with rating. If players weren't penalized, we could just leave instead of losing to improve our rating.

That being said, as Blackshift said, it would be nice to be given 10 minutes or whatever to get back to the game in case the "leaving" is actually a disconnect.

Love the magic potion idea.
Do you think the reward for the daily quests could be displayed? That would be great.

You could play people instead of bots in search of your quest.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Migrato Puzzle
« on: 13/10/16, 01:01pm »
Is anyone else going to play? Fuddy duddies. I'll give it a bit more time before revealing the solution. Migrato is fun. See if you can figure this out!

I just thought of something that I thought would be cool as another reward for completing a daily quest--replenishing food. Complete it, top out your food. That would be a nice, no cost bonus.

They're all good. I have a few questions, though. Will everyone's daily quest be the same? If that is the case, I guess I don't like the ones that include training and tutorials.  They're great for people who haven't learned all the games, but they'd be a bore for those who already know how to play. My last comment/question is when does a day begin and end? Hopefully that will be displayed somewhere.

I've been looking forward to this feature. Good work!

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