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Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 18/10/20, 08:29pm »
I had another game right now and I could have an explanation! I saw there is a target with very similar iconography that says a different thing: the largest city not bordering a mountain. It could be that the target was this one and I was thinking of the other one and I got confused. If so, I am sorry for the false alarm.

[a few minutes later...]

Yes! It was my fault! I totally misinterpreted the target and thought it was the one about the second largest city! Sorry for the false alarm.


Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 18/10/20, 02:10pm »
First of all, thank you for implementing the game: it's a very nice implementation.
I found a possible bug in game 4496141. One of the targets was the largest second-biggest city. I had two different cities and they were touching only through corners but I received 0 points. I don't think that's correct and I suppose they were counted as the same city but I think they should count as two.

In another game (i lost the number but it was played on 17/10/2020 evening CET) I had 3 cities of 5,5,4 size and I received a score as if my second biggest was 4 instead of 5. I don't remember if any of these were touching by the corners.

Tips, polls, updates / Where do I change my password?
« on: 09/03/16, 09:24pm »

where can I change my pwd?

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