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Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 21/10/21, 01:33am »
finally accomplished the 11th diagonal   ;D

Hi Jimmy,
I hadn't have a look at the ranking like normally because I'm not playing Hanamikoji or HexRoller so I couldn't join the daily quests but the points for each day changed: On Friday (1.10.) 15 points, Saturday 12, Sunday 18 points. So if nobody else report something You may perhaps retrace it via log files.

Hi, I've now over 5000 King's favours (Majest├Ątspunkte) and don't know what to do with them. I like my houses and gardens as they are (don't like golden roofs). Like Alex B. wrote please implement the ability to configure/upgrade the castle as well. Or a ship in the water. Or additional buildings, perhaps a lighthouse or a windmill. Or beach chairs, or (Raging Bull-) sheeps ...

Another thing: May you please it possible to configure the ground of empty fields like them from houses? I'd like to "floor" my market place  :D

Thanks for this nice personal world maps and your endeavours.

Cartographers / Re: Best Great City
« on: 11/08/21, 07:07am »
I just reached 47 points as well - in edict D. Great luck in the last season to combine two branches through another two read pieces! :D

Hi, just scored 28 medals in Raging Bulls. Has anybody reached more/got the 29th? Sadly I hadn't been able to build a stable!

I like this chat-option because it lets me quick open a specific chat to look for the recently conversation, rereed previous answers, look if I've met this player before or open via the chat history quick a chat for a new conversation. It saves (a little bit) time for opening the players profile and starting there the chat window.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests - Houses
« on: 25/04/21, 02:39am »
Hi, when I get new houses for new Meeples I don't want to place them any more because I like it how it is (and not fuller). I found the possibility to refrain new buildings but it's annoying:
- there is always a red icon blinking on the main page
- each time I'm in my world for weeding and harvesting grain the buildings pop up, also when I replace streets and granarys.
Could You please make a contrary behaviour - that someone who don't place new houses immediately after getting the new Meeple sees an option in the world to add the refrained houses later (or a check field in the "new Meeple"-dialogue box to refrain them). And I'd like to remove one redundant house that I placed before I realised this refrain-function ...

Thanks for Happy Meeple with it's games, worlds, score lists, tutorials and chats!

Gold, Magic potion / Re: Possible to gift gold?
« on: 06/04/21, 12:31am »
You can get gold for new Meeples, getting medals for wins over bots, for wins in a row (, when solving the daily quest, win on "lucky cards" (bonus cards) or share HappyMeeple ( And You can sell surplus wood/bricks/stones in the market. Or You can buy it via PayPal.

Hello, number 4) "You get notified when a new message is posted in the inn chat or in a personal chat." doesn't work at me (newest Firefox under Windows). An option in the Settings would be nicely were players can choose wether they want notifications on all new messages or only from friends.

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 10/02/21, 02:40am »
Hi, I managed to fill 10 diagonals today for the first time. Just one field ist missing! argg

I did it!  33 points for a perfect broken road on all 11 diagonals.
And never mind the monsters in my top right corner.  They have their side of the map and I have mine.  :D
Alex: I love your comment!! - the same at my board

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