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HexRoller / Re: HexRoller minor bug
« on: 26/01/21, 09:55am »
The bug has now been corrected.

HexRoller / HexRoller (German & Spanish)
« on: 21/01/21, 05:15pm »
HexRoller tutorials and helps are now available in German and Spanish.

Apologies for the delay. The main developer has been stuck abroad (due to the Covid 19 situation in the UK) without access to the code. Our brilliant translators had done their job much earlier.

HexRoller / Re: Link to Hexroller rules not working ?
« on: 21/01/21, 05:12pm »
This has been corrected a few days ago.

The rules can be found here in English and German.

Happy Meeple community / About resignation
« on: 20/01/21, 11:48am »
Hi all,

There has been a long and heated discussion in the inn chat about whether it is fine to resign a game. Lots of interesting points have been made. Some of them will be made again below, but I'll try to bring my own two cents too and present the official Happy Meeple stance on the matter.

The resign button is a feature offered by the platform. It had been requested by our players.
However, certain players don't like that the opponent resigns when it is clear that they have no change of winning.

As was noted in the discussion, resigning when it is clear that we have no chance of winning is commonly done in Chess, Draughts, Go. There is no point continuing a game when there is no more tension in it. Resigning, rather than being considered negatively, is appreciated and good behaviour. In those games, making the game drag pointlessly is considered wrong and being scorned upon. If you are a queen and a rook behind in Chess, conceding is the only right thing to do (unless it is a kids' competition where the level is really low and anything can still happen). There is even a scene in the popular Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit" about exactly that. The teacher explains to the young player that she should resign after losing her queen early in the game.

In other situations however, resigning is not even permissible. No football team would leave the pitch 10 minutes before the end because they are 6-0 behind. That would just be unthinkable.

So, you see, the acceptability of resignation depends very much on the context.

For board games, there is no clear rules and one must expect players to find their own middleground. No single clear rules can be drawn for all to follow. First and foremost because we are all different and we have different priorities and tastes.

For many of us, finishing a game is natural and should be expected. Not doing so is for sore losers.
For others, finishing a game early when one could play another more exciting one immediately is a much better approach.

But not only does it depend on the players, it always varies with the kind of game that is being played. Is it a long one that is really worth shortening? Or is it a 3 minute game where final score matters (for personal records for example).

It also varies with the players' skill. Usually top players will care less about finishing the game and be happy to pocket the rating points that come with the win.

And of course, here, there is the food concept where shortened game means less play time.

I spoke about tension above. In abstract games, resigning early makes sense because what is remaining of the game is just dull and not fun for anyone. In board games however, there may be plenty of tension left even when one player is far behind. First, it is usually interesting to discover the final score and see if it matches our expectations or compares with other games (if not for world records, personal bests). Then, there are often hidden cards to look at. Even if you are sure of losing, the opponent might not be so certain. By resigning early in some games, you may be depriving your opponent of the tension that only the end game generates. Finally, the last moves are also in many games the moment when your strategy falls into place and big powerful combinations made (I am thinking of engine-building games where your power is getting very big near the end). Resigning early in engine-building games prevents the opponent from actually doing what he worked for during the whole game. There is a lot of satisfaction in executing a big combination as a result of a gradually-built strategy.

My conclusion is some kind of best practice. Considering that resigning acceptability varies so much with the context and the players, I think it would be good to follow these guidelines:

- in doubt ask the opponent if he minds a resignation
- or at least say a word explaining why you are resigning (it may have nothing to do with the game itself, we all have life outside of the platform)
- take into account the kind of games you are playing and the kind of players (level) you are playing with. Are you depriving him of some fun/satisfaction/sense of achievement? Is there some tension/excitement left in the game for them?

In any case, please don't feel offended if the opponent does not behave as you expect them to do. Not everyone has the same view on this matter. We do have to agree to disagree I am afraid  :D

HexRoller / Re: HexRoller - Straight bug
« on: 20/01/21, 11:05am »
Xyon is correct.

As the tutorial says (I think), for the straights, the numbers don't need to be in order.

Could you be more accurate?

You place the shape, it goes somewhere. You go to click the validation button and by the time you do it, the shape has moved?

I am not completely sure how we could fix that. An extra "Are you sure?" seems too much. There is surely a better way to deal with the issue. Maybe we could disable the OK button if the shape has moved in the last 300ms or something.

In the short term, maybe zooming in may help lower the frequency of this happening? The bigger the grid, the more chance you have to be correctly placed with no rounding effects.

May I ask what phone you are playing on? Are they fast or old/slow?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your nice words. The replay feature is indeed particularly beneficial for Cartographers.

Regarding the ratings, we thought we had fixed this but it does not look like it. Did you observe the issue lately?

Regarding the replay itself, the behaviour is intended. In a live game, you can select the pieces even if you are not looking at your own map (then the map switches to yours). So unless I am mistaken, you only see your option. I don't think it is a big problem as the original shapes are always visible. Sure enough it can be confusing sometimes but I think you can figure it out (and you did) when this happens.

Finally, I'd like to add a word on the replay feature. It was programmed in such a way that we have nothing extra to program once the game is developed. The archiving of the moves is automatic and the replay should work out of the box. But that does not mean it will always work exactly as you would like it to work. Some games will have specificities (like HexRoller that allows undos) that will make the replay sub-optimal. I don't think this will happen often, but keep this in mind. The replay feature may have a few glitches that we would correct if it was the main feature of the game. In a way, the same applies to the screenshot feature which can have a few glitches here and there depending on your browser, your computer, the game itself.

This said, if you see something wrong in a replay, please let us know! We'll do our best to fix it anyway.


HexRoller / HexRoller minor bug
« on: 22/12/20, 11:26am »
There a minor bug in HexRoller right now.

If you select the "Place a 3rd group" bonus in a round and then undo it and finish the round with only 2 numbers as usual, the bonus is active at the beginning of the next round (it should only be after you have placed 2 numbers). If you "use" it at that moment, the game seems to continue normally but you only place 2 numbers, not 3. And your bonus seems to be considered used anyway.

So if the bonus is active too early as a result of the bug, make sure that you don't click on it before placing 2 numbers.

HexRoller / HexRoller feedback
« on: 21/12/20, 12:32pm »
Please use this thread to give feedback on HexRoller!

To react to the first things I was able to read about the game, we have to agree that some challenges require not only the correct strategy but also a bit (or sometimes a lot) of luck. That is the nature of the game. Some rolls are better than others and you will be more or less lucky each time. We have played all challenges ourselves, recorded all scores and seeded them accordingly. We can assure you that most of them can be done in a couple of tries. Getting 3 stars is of course significantly trickier, but even then, we believe that it is quite feasible to get them in most challenges without the need to try 100 times.

The challenges are designed so as to force you to look at the game differently each time. You should be learning new skills in each of them. If you still struggle with a challenge, I suggest trying the training or online mode and play a good number of games. You'll get experience and probably learn important skills for the challenges.

The question has been raised as to why the game is not 2-player rather than solo. It was a tough choice and personally, I was more rooting for the 2-player variant until I was convinced otherwise. It was a tough call. Given the randomness of the game, being able to compare scores with another player who got the same rolls makes perfect sense. But if you play the online version (for rating), the randomness will even out over a good number of games. So it is not so much of a problem. Your task remains to score as much as you can with what rolls you are given each time.

I want finally to tell you about the rating system. It works here exactly as for Raging Bulls. After each online game (and training too actually, but these games don't count), a performance is computed, translating your score into a rating-comparable number (=performance). If your performance on an individual game is higher than your current rating, your rating increases. You should have no problem increasing your rating in the first 20-30 games as the start rating (1400) is quite low.

Because there are 2 sheets, the performance is computed differently for each of them. Here are the formulas:
Grid 8: Perf=Score*40-500
Grid 7: Perf=Score*40-800
I write this from memory so this may be inaccurate, but in any case, for the same score, you will get 300 more for grid 7 as it is much easier to score with this one. The publisher told us 10 more points were scores on average on grid 7. Our own records showed 7. So we settled for a 7.5 advantage. Before leaving for the holiday, I looked at actual stats and the gap was only 2.5 points. It is still early to say though as the number of games was still quite low (about 65). In any case, we will adjust the gap according to the actual stats as soon as we get the change to access our machines again (unfortunately our remote access is now failing which means we can't update anything now).

Finally the figure that is displayed in the ranking page next to the rating of each player is the equivalent score computed from your rating, meaning the score you need to get to keep your rating stable. Another good way to look at it is to consider that this is your average score (which is basically correct if you have played a lot of games). I have just corrected it so that it takes into account the 2 sheets. The formula for computing is is now correctly this one:
Rating = equivalent score*40-650 (650 is the average of 500 and 800 as you many notice)

I hope this answers some of your questions. Please let us know how you are doing with the game!

HexRoller / Re: Link to Hexroller rules not working ?
« on: 21/12/20, 11:58am »
Thanks very much for the feedback. Very much appreciated. We can't improve if we are not aware of issues.

Unfortunately, we cannot access our machine remotely anymore. So we won't be able to change anything until the end of they year. Apologies for that.

HexRoller / Beta-testing HexRoller
« on: 04/12/20, 04:37pm »

The time has come to beta-test HexRoller.

Please get in touch if you want to know how to do that! To do so, please use our contact form (little pen above the green dice or here)

If you have already done it for another game, the procedure is the same. You need to select "Tutorial + Challenges" and make sure you are in English language (otherwise, you'll get plenty warning messages as translations are not done yet).

Many thanks for your help!

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 18/11/20, 11:17pm »
Of course I did it.

What about a wall of honour for those who managed to always avoid the mountains honey trap?

I completely agree. One of the many things on the to do list unfortunately.

Hi Geraldine,

Does this happen at a particular time? Like 5:13 am English time?

Great to read Anne. Thanks!

Not it is your time to teach me something. How do stochastic decision processes work? What did you apply this on?

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