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We will very soon open the platform so that remote programmers can develop games on Happy Meeple.

It will be possible to help us develop games that we have acquired the license for. It will also be possible to program your own prototypes if you have any.

We except the required tools to be available this week.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please get in touch via our contact form (little pen on top of the menu page)! You can also ask question here of course.

We will soon be opening a new line of solo games so the developer platform will let you work on solo games as well as 2-player games.

We hope that our code logic is well articulated and should make sense to any seasoned developer. You will have access to our range of tools to deal with cards (logic and display), dice (logic and display), piles and decks, animations, sound/music. The code has a Model-View-Controller architecture that splits the logic of the game from the logic of the display and from the user inputs. This makes it easy to understand what is going on.
Coding is done via Javascript and CSS.

EDIT: the developer platform is now open. If you are interested, please read this page:

Risky Fishing / Risky Fishing development
« on: 22/03/19, 06:07pm »
Dear all,

We have been working on a solo game about fishing. The game was originally designed a few years ago as a fun way to earn food. But we will now develop a series of solo game and this will most likely be the first one.

The game is called (for the moment) Risky Fishing because you try to guide your boat through rough seas, avoiding rocks as much as you can while fishing. On your turn, you can either :
1) fish
2) decrease speed
3) increase speed
4) fix your boat
5) rest your staff

The problem is that you would like to do more than one action each turn but you can only do one.
As if your life was not hard enough, you also have to make sure you arrive at the port quickly. Otherwise, your fish will start rotting and you will lose some of your precious loot.

We believe the game could probably be launched at it is, but it is much better to ask for our community advice and refine the game to make it even better.

If you would like to give us a hand and give feedback (and maybe suggest improvements), please get in touch with us via the usual means (either via the contact form, the best option, or by replying to this thread). We will then send you the URL of our test website. If you already know it, you can head there straight away.

Let's make a great game together!

Tips, polls, updates / Magic Potion extra power?
« on: 08/03/19, 03:36pm »
Hello all,

We came across this idea today. What do you think of it?

We always look for ways to give more power to Magic Potion. Magic Potion basically gives you unlimited food. But what if it actually also made the game free for your opponent? A Magic Potion icon would show up on the table and this would definitely make the pairing faster for the Magic Potion owner. Another similar idea would be to make the game cheaper for the opponent, not completely free.

Looking forward to reading you.

Tips, polls, updates / Teams reorganized
« on: 05/02/19, 12:21pm »
We now have 22 teams instead of 30. You can comment about it below.

Before commenting, please read this thread ( for more information about the changes.

Happy Meeple community / Help on Reddit
« on: 30/01/19, 09:33am »
Hi there,

A piece of news was posted on Reddit here:
We always need help with promotion. So feel free to comment on the thread and tell the world how much you love Happy Meeple if you are a Reddit user.

An even better thing to do would be to mention Happy Meeple in the board games category: We have done it a very limited number of times in the past, but the community generally votes us down as spammers. Only a regular user stands a chance to have their post voted up. So if you are one, please consider helping us! That would be very much appreciated.

Have a good day!

Other board games / Recommended games
« on: 18/12/18, 01:03pm »
Hi all,

Here is a list of recommended games from Amazon USA:

Circle The Wagons / Circle The Wagons 100$ challenge
« on: 06/12/18, 02:07pm »
Let's play a little game and earn some money!

The first player to beat Verboten 3 times in Circle The Wagons (online mode only) will earn a $100 cash prize.

A few extra rules:

To win the prize, one must climb the ranking list, unlock Verboten and beat it 3 times.
It is allowed to unlock Verboten with coins (to do so, click on Verboten in the list of bots of the training mode screen).
It is allowed to use Magic Potion for more play time.
It is not allowed to inflate one's rating by unconventional ways (by playing against a fake account or a complacent opponent for example). Your rating must reflect your strength.
The winner must have registered their account so that we can get in touch via email.
Payment will be done via Paypal.
We reserve the right to amend the rules (most likely to make the task easier), to increase the prize or even to cancel the challenge altogether should something unforeseen happen.

You can use this thread to report on the challenge.

Have fun!

Circle The Wagons / Circle The Wagons release feedback
« on: 06/12/18, 01:01pm »
Hello all,

Circle the Wagons has just been released. Please give us feedback!

We are obviously particularly interested in bugs you may find, or any question that you may have regarding the game.

Thanks for your ongoing cooperation!

Have fun! This game is really great.

Circle The Wagons / Circle The Wagons is coming soon...
« on: 22/11/18, 03:48pm »
Circle The Wagons is coming soon...

Fore more information (and a screenshot), please visit our Facebook page

And don't forget to like our page to get extra news in the future!

Let us play a little game and earn some Magic Potion!

The first person to name our next game will earn 1 month of Magic Potion! Yes 1 month of Magic Potion!

But that's not all, any person who asks an interesting question (a question that helps us get significantly closer to the solution) will also be rewarded with Magic Potion or Gold. Just be aware that we can only reply Yes or No to your questions. So don't ask the color of the box or the number of letters in the title!

Ready to play? Let's go!

PS: only one rule, you cannot ask two questions in a row or make two propositions in a row! You need to wait for another player to post another question/proposition before asking again. This is just to avoid flooding by one player.

Other board games / [Sprawlopolis] on Kickstarter
« on: 16/05/18, 04:17pm »
Another Kickstarter game close to our heart. Check it out!

It is designed by our friends Steven Aramini, Danny Devine and Paul Kluka and published by our other Button Shy.

The game has been funded in a few hours. Already a great success.

Other board games / [Tricky Tides] on Kickstarter
« on: 05/05/18, 09:55am »
Hello all,

Steven Aramini is a friend of Happy Meeple. He has just released his latest game, Tricky Tides, on Kickstarter. If you like the idea of this game, you may want to back it.

I have not had the chance to play it, but judging from the short video and art that I could see, it seems to be a pretty cool game.

Check it out here:

Several players reported that the animations were now crazy fast.

For example in Lost Cities and Hanamikoji.

I would like to understand if this was just terribly slow before and normal now or if it was normal before and terribly fast now.

Please give me your impressions on all games quoting your machine and browser!

If anyone has a video of a crazy speed, please send it to our usual address : contact at

Thanks for your help!

PS: we optimized some code in the latest update (monday), so it is possible that you feel an improvement in speed, but our intention was never to make it crazy fast. If this is the case, it is a bug.

Happy Meeple community / Beta-testing - help needed
« on: 24/03/18, 06:02pm »
Hello all,

We need your help if you can give us some of your time this weekend.

We have a new version of the platform ready. Hopefully, we can launch
it on Monday morning.

We changed many things in the code and bugs are very likely.

The main feature of the update is the possibility to refresh the page
in the middle of a game (in case the connection has issues or the game
froze for any other reason). And that's what we would like to test in
the first place. The game should now reload smoothly and you'll be
able to carry on playing.

We changed quite a few things in the code of most games to deal with
this new feature. And we have also taken the opportunity to update
layout, animation, and even sound effects etc

If you have a few minutes to spare, please get in touch with us (use the contact form) and we will send you the address of our test website (if you know it already, you can go ahead to try to play games online and reload the page mid-way).

Many thanks!


Is there a need for color-blind symbols on all games?

For example, do you feel the need on Lost Cities cards?

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