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Tips, polls, updates / 2-game ratings? Do you care?
« on: 03/04/20, 10:44am »
We will probably get rid of the "Biathlon" ratings that are computed over 2 games.
It generates a lot of computations that we think are not really necessary now that we have many more games.
Do you care about them?

Tips, polls, updates / Changes of the day
« on: 26/03/20, 12:51pm »

Some of you will see that the font on the login page has changed.
Some of you will also see that the solo game is now at the bottom of the games list on the menu page.

This is intended. We are A/B testing various layouts of the platform to see what is more appealing to new players.

So not everyone has the same layout for now.

Tips, polls, updates / Sound issues - please read
« on: 06/02/20, 02:46pm »

In attempt of blocking unwanted noisy advertizing that play sounds without permission, modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox now prevent any sound/music to be played before the user has interacted with the page (which means at least clicking on the page).

The problem for us is that because of this, the ring that warns a game is starting is now blocked by Chrome and Firefox. Obviously, that sound is played before you interact with the game page and thus blocked by the browsers. Chrome does the blocking a little more cleverly and allows the sound when you become a regular user of the website. So it is possible that you were not affected.

We will try to find a clever way to solve the issue (probably by moving the bell sound to the menu page just before leaving it, although it will cause a slight delay probably).

In any case, here are the ways to make sure that Happy Meeple sounds are always played. We recommend that you do that. It takes 2 seconds.

For Chrome:
Follow the instructions from the 2 attachments below: Chrome_sound_setting_1.jpg and Chrome_sound_setting_2.jpg

For Firefox:
Make sure the Happy Meeple sound is turned on (fx) with the usual Happy Meeple sound controls.
Refresh the Happy Meeple menu page and move your mouse over any button in the top menu. Do not click on the page, just move your mouse above the menu. The browser will try to play a sound and it will probably be blocked.
Now if you see the icon 1 on top of the attachment below: Firefox_sound_setting_1.jpg, please do step 2 to allow autoplay sounds. If you don't see the icon 1, it probably means Happy Meeple is already accepted and you don't need to do anything.

World, castle, market... / Favourite world maps
« on: 24/01/20, 07:24pm »

From today, screenshots of your world map are generated and stored on our server (only for the most active players for the moment as we are still experimenting). This allows to display your world in your profile page for all to see.

As the developer of the platform, it is quite emotional for me to see for the first time what you have done with it. It may be extremely surprising, but I never found the time to look at what you did there and had little idea about the final result. I simply did not have the tools to do it. Today, for the first time in so many years, I can see your worlds. And I am pleased to see many of you have planted trees, mown their lawn and built new roofs.

Enough said though, here are my favourites.

Tips, polls, updates / Screenshots - your opinion
« on: 14/01/20, 03:45pm »

We have started to work on a new feature. This feature takes screenshots of your world map and/or the final state of a game (score + final position). It is also conceivable to make this feature available to other parts of the platform (like ranking tables).
We would like to discuss the subject with you and see if you come up with interesting ideas. The way that this feature will be done is still quite open. No doubt that you can come up with some very useful comments to help us shape that feature.

Main goals

There are 2 main goals:
  • inside Happy Meeple, other players can see what you have done in your world directly from your profile page.
    Your world image is available there.
    Click on anyone's profile to see what they achieved.
    Also, the final state of any archived game is accessible from your profile game history.
  • outside Happy Meeple, screenshots can be used to show what you are doing.
    The world screenshot can be shared as a JPEG image or as a dedicated webpage (the webpage has links to Happy Meeple which helps you get more friends to the platform and therefore get the gold rewards associated with it).
    Similarly, you can show your best games, for example when you reached a high score.


The main issue with the screenshot feature is that it takes some time.
On a recent iPad, it takes about 0.4 second.
On a powerful desktop PC, it takes between 1.5 and 2 seconds (Chrome and Firefox).
On a slow iPhone 6, it takes between 5 and 10 seconds.

For the world map screenshot to be really useful, it would need to be sent to our servers regularly, ideally every time the player makes a change. It is difficult to do this in the background as the operation of taking a screenshot makes the browser semi-responsive. It would therefore need to interrupt the natural flow of the interface, but how and when? How often? This not clear.

For the final state of a game, the problem is probably easier to solve. We have not tried yet, but we suppose the screenshot of an endgame situation will be much faster than for the world map. Moreover, it is clear when it needs to be done, only once at the end of the game. It may still slow down the endgame process though.

Let us know your thoughts!

Hi all,

The chat icon on the inn tables lets you open a chat with the player sitting on the table.

Do you use it?

If not, we will get rid of it and save the screen space.

Raging Bulls / Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 07/12/19, 10:21pm »
Hi there,

Raging Bulls has been released for a few days now.

Would you give us some feedback? Do you like it? Is there anything you would improve?

Please us know your thoughts!

Happy Meeple community / For Christmas
« on: 25/11/19, 04:15pm »
Hello all,

I am sure that most of you have seen that we provide a list of recommended games at the bottom of the main menu page. We have done so for some time now.

We have played most of those games and they are all good. You can't really go wrong with any of them. Of course, you still need to get it for the right person. Not every game is for everyone. But they are all intrinsically excellent and if you feel that our recommendation is not enough, most of them won prestigious international awards.

All the links are from affiliate programs. It means that we earn a small share from any game you may purchase from these links.

I am sure that lots of you will buy games for Christmas. If you value what we do, please consider purchasing those games via our partners. This will be very much appreciated.

Here are our main partners:

Philibert (France, ships worldwide)

Zatu (United Kingdom, ships worldwide)

Amazon (USA)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (France)
Amazon (Germany)

PS: I have personally ordered from Philibert and Zatu. Never had any issue. Highly recommended online board game shops with competitive prices.

PS2: Amazon links should work for everything, not only games.

Raging Bulls / Help us beta-test Raging Bulls!
« on: 08/11/19, 03:22pm »
Great news!

We are getting close to releasing our next solo game: Raging Bulls.

The game is very nice, very smart and has a nice puzzle feel.

The tutorial is split in about 10 tutorial-missions. On top of these, extra non-mandatory missions are available. Each successful mission awards between 1 and 3 stars.

Once you know all the rules, you can play the game online for rating. If you would like to try this game early, please get in touch at contact at or use the contact form (pen above the green dice).

We need your help! Thanks in advance for your support!

PS: we plan to release a few more solo games in 2020. Exciting times.

Tips, polls, updates / Forum issue solved
« on: 02/11/19, 11:49am »
A lot of users were mistakenly banned from the forum.

This is now solved. A ban trigger was operating when it should not.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

Hi all,

Several players reported that the scoring disappeared between turns in Siberia Card. I am not sure exactly what disappears. Can you be more specific? I don't see any problem on my machine.

Is the 'bug' still there?

Other board games / [Orchard] On Kickstarter
« on: 16/09/19, 10:38am »
Hello all,

Hope you are enjoying our games.

A friend of Happy Meeple (Mark Tuck) is having one of his games on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter this week. Well the campaign is well under way actually. It will end in 6 days and has been funded easily.

Orchard is a solo game that won a competition on Boardgamegeek. I have not had a chance to play it personally (but I definitely will, as it got a large number of very positive reviews). If you like puzzle games, this is definitely for you.

Check it out!

« on: 16/07/19, 12:31am »
Keltis Ór is now fixed.
Have fun!

Hello there,

We need your help to figure out the best English word.

In our upcoming SOLO line, each game will come with a series of short tutorials and puzzles.
These levels will teach the game step by step until the player knows everything and can play the whole game in training or online mode as usual.

Some of these puzzles will be considered tutorials. The other ones will just be extra practice puzzles with no new knowledge taught.
It will be possible to skip the practice puzzles and only play the tutorial levels.

We are currently wondering how to call these various levels.
At first we hesitated between the terms puzzle and level. But the "mission" word has now come up and we wonder if it is not the best word of all.

What's you opinion on that?
- Puzzles?
- Levels?
- Missions?
- Something else?

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