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Cartographers / Re: Strategy question single squares
« on: 31/10/20, 05:56am »
I never chose monster.  I had naively assumed that choosing the single square monster option allowed you to play it on your opponent's map, but I guess I was wrong!

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 31/10/20, 05:55am »
I think this game is solid, and strictly superior to Circle the Wagons (sorry to fans of the latter!).

That said, I think the food costs are a little counter to getting people to play the game, so long as people's food is set at a base of 20.  If you lose one game against a human, you can't play a rematch!

I would suggest either making the game cost 10 food (allowing 2 normal games) and training mode 6 food (allowing 3 training games) or, more ambitiously, raising the general food total to 22 (so still allowing 2 normal games or 3 training games).

World, castle, market... / Customize the castle?
« on: 24/07/20, 04:18am »

While I am temporarily famous I thought I would put in a plug for installing the ability to customize the castle with victory points.  8)

Thanks for your support all. Jeff, to answer your question no I cannot even reply to a personal chat window from you but I appreciate that you reached out to Jimmy.  I guess I will just have to wait until the ban either is lifted by Jimmy (when he gets back from a well-deserved vacation) or simply runs out (whenever the latter is).  So if you are playing games with me and I do not communicate with you, at least you know why.   :)

It would have been nice to get a warning first. It would also be nice to know when the chat ban will be lifted.  And I was not aware that what I did was against the rules, since what I did (posting six times to move a swear word of another poster up the feed) was specifically rewarded by admins with gold when other people did it.

All I did was "bump" up a troll poster by posting "." 6 times on that group chat, so that others could not immediately see their swear words in the chat.  This is a practice that has been done before by others and got rewarded by Admins. 

Is there a mistake or have the rules changed?

Level X / Etiquette?
« on: 03/04/20, 04:16am »
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that one should not use the “hoard all the 10s or 9s” tactic?  I have branched out from Lost Cities and May be committing some faux pas by using that tactic (I was asked to “play fair”).

Happy Meeple community / More rooms at the inn?
« on: 28/03/20, 05:14pm »
With all of the new players maybe we need more little windows on the inn page so that more people can open games at the inn?

World, castle, market... / Re: buildings : repairing?
« on: 10/03/20, 07:15am »
Yeah while I have enough money to buy some buildings and roads, and could plant wheat, I prefer not to for aesthetic reasons as I hate to see the "rotting/disrepair" versions.

I was just curious if anyone remembers the lowest score they had in Lost Cities where they still won.  Have they ever won with a negative score or 0?

Similarly, what is the highest score you can remember where you still lost?

I suppose weird ties could be noteworthy too.  Theoretically a game could tie at 0/0 if both sides discard everything.  ;)

World, castle, market... / Re: Favourite world maps
« on: 26/01/20, 04:30am »
Clearly this was posted before you saw mine.   ;D

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Screenshots - your opinion
« on: 18/01/20, 06:28pm »
It would be cool to record that *one* time you got all 12 cards of a colour in Lost Cities.

I mean, I won't play with Britany B. again because I don't particularly like being insulted and sworn at while playing games, but is there something else I should be doing, like using a report function on the dialogue box?  If so, how does that work?

Is there anything permanent that one can buy with gold or wood or stone or brick?

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