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Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 18/01/18, 03:43am »
This isn't really the type of request you were looking for however seems like the the most fitting location.

Going through the tutorial for Hanamikoji reminded me of something I've noticed here from time to time. The language can get to be rather relentlessly generic-male:

"He got the new card."
"He must now play one of his 4 actions."
"Let's see what he does!"
" is not important whether the user plays well or not, he will always progress"
"If he can win it, he’ll get a white meeple"

and etc. It does stand out as being somewhat anachronistic for the day. In fact I think it stands out a bit more on Happy Meeple simply because the site has such a welcoming and inclusive overall design.  :)  It's a small area where I think the text has a bit of room for improvement in catching up with the rest of the design.

World, castle, market... / Re: Wheatfield
« on: 30/11/17, 03:37am »
Does the wheat field rot even if you harvested its content completely?
Am not certain, I know it's sitting rotted now. Would have to go through another full cycle to check.

Viewers - anyone in a position to reply to this?

Happy Meeple community / Re: gold for black meeple 2?
« on: 20/11/17, 10:25pm »
Actually, the gold earned was displayed at the end of the game when you earned the meeple. We don't repeat it in the news screen and instead focus on the new things unlocked.
I'd thought of posting about this too, I'm glad Rob posted. This situation is an outlier as far as I can tell. We've been trained to look at rating/experience at that point on all the other screens (new meeple just earned). It's only for new meeple, which can appear 'out of nowhere' if we weren't tracking, and the amount of gold is in a spot where the eye has not been been trained to look at that point of interaction. Often the fingers will automatically disappear this screen, out of habit, before the gold is noticed.

Where we are trained to check for gold, the blinking Daily Meeple celebration item, has no gold for this situation, whereas all the other such listings do. It looks odd.

I think this should be changed to be consistent with all the other screens and new gold events. I've missed it too many times even once I figured out what was happening. You're training our eyes and fingers and suddenly mess with it.

World, castle, market... / Re: Wheatfield
« on: 20/11/17, 10:17pm »
To solve a), we could just add a new kind of "building" like for example a lake - that would come with 100 living (and thus non-perishable) fish in it when you "build" it. Therefore no need for an extra icon for non- perishable food.

Is that what you'd like to see?
Really like that idea; best proposal for a new World item that I've heard of yet. Thumbs up! :)

What you'd also want to determine for this is the other issue I was going to raise about the Wheat fields. How does the lake 'end'?

I mean, when the fish are used up does the lake just stay there, never to be (re)built again? And how will it appear different from a lake with fish... if there are fish it has a ripple or a wave in it, with a smooth look when it doesn't have fish? Or can it be removed altogether and built again after some time has passed or with enough King's Favors?

With the Wheat field I might be missing something, because so far it seems like once we've seeded the field we have to continue indefinitely - the alternative being having a nice customized World with a rotting harvest sitting in the middle of it, which is what we seem to be stuck with now. At least, I haven't been able to find a way to remove or fix.

World, castle, market... / Re: Wheatfield
« on: 19/11/17, 01:06am »
The closest to this is Magic Potion. With Magic Potion, you get unlimited food for a certain amount of time. I suppose that's what you are looking for : more play time.

I don't know anything about the OP, however for me I see it as: both Wheat and Magic Potion are time based. I might play one or even two extra games because Wheat is there and then it rots. And Magic Potion would have the same result and be wasted.

So for that type of use the +8 option is better than either. But I could also see using an extra Wheat field to juggle the harvests and play the odd extra game. 

Another way to think of this is that it seems generally preferable to separate in-game sounds from other sounds, when it comes to available options.

The answer is you can't unfortunately.

But are 5) and 6) really annoying?
Well, that's pretty subjective. :)

I can only say that I turned on the notifications to avoid accidentally defaulting any games, however when actually playing found the sound bothersome enough that I turned it back off and left it off. 

How can we get items 1, 2, 3 without also getting 5 and 6? 

Thank you.

Still interested in this...

How can we get items 1, 2, 3 without also getting 5 and 6? 

Thank you.

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Re: Draw
« on: 07/08/17, 11:32pm »
Same consequences as well when an animation gets stuck and prevents the game from being completed, even though the code knows there is a stuck animation.

UPDT: After thinking about this for more than that nano-second  ???  the stuck animation is actually worse because I'm the one who has to quit the game, therefore I lose and take the big hit not the small one. But the other consequences are the same.

Lost Cities / Re: maximum points in one color
« on: 02/08/17, 07:38am »
Great playing, Frédéric!

Have fun with our online board games!

Thank you for making this possible!   :)

I can see the ratings being swapped out of order for this game, but if there's something else yes it's a mystery to me.  :)

Adding another I'd forgotten, when the animation gets stuck. The code already knows it happened re: the send it again message, so that's another situation where it's frustrating to be penalized. 

Hello. I thought the bots always unlocked in the same order and without skipping any. Is this normal?

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