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Cartographers / Re: Display issue with score
« on: 11/12/21, 07:57pm »
"Not available Now"?   ???

Guns are only scored once each, regardless of whether they're between desert locations vertically or horizontally or both.  Two guns, eight points.  That's my understanding of the situation, anyway.  Hope it helps.

Mine is on (didn't even realise) but everything is working as normal.  Latest version.

G'day, Monica.

It means if you did have enough stone, then you could build up to four roads at once, but yes you do need to acquire the stones to be able to get the roads.  If you don't have enough gold, then you could always try the lucky card for stone or gold (once every ten minutes or so).  The roads last much longer than the Granaries, but they too are temporary (based on how often you play, though; the more you play, the faster things will wear out).

It's one stone per road, at The Castle.

The base rate for food production is six per hour (one every ten minutes); each road adds one food per hour, up to 22 roads (if you've earned enough meeples) for 28 food per hour.  This means, if you did actually have 22 roads, then for your basic limit of 20 food to fully recharge the waiting time could be reduced from the full three hours and twenty minutes to just under forty-three minutes (one food every couple of minutes or so).  To do all this (if you'd earned enough meeples) would probably only cost less than a couple of US dollars.

Your four roads, if built, could get you down to a total recharge time of only two hours (one food every six minutes).  I think you could probably do this about three or four times over for the site's minimum purchase price of US$1.69.  But most people who are going to spend real money would probably just pay for a period of Magic Potion and circumvent all this need for Food production (and patience) in order to keep playing whenever they want.

I hope that this helps.  Any further questions, just ask, and I'll answer if I can.

Andrea, maybe instead try duplicating the browser tab and closing the original quickly.. it works for me.

Thanks, Melarnos and Andrea, and you're welcome.

Andrea, I guess you have to remember how far down the scroll bar goes, click-hold drag the bar to that exact spot straight away then straight back up again if it's all good and green (without letting go of the button, that should be quick enough).  I wouldn't be using the scroll wheel if that's what you're doing, that's way too slow – unless you have fantastic reflexes and you're incredibly adept at using the wheel's clicker!

Finito / What a win!
« on: 31/10/20, 05:45am »
Never had a win quite like this before!  (In a short number of moves, too!)

Yeah, keep an eye on the colour of that connection light, above the stack of coins in the menu display.  If it's anything other than green, refresh the page immediately.

World, castle, market... / Re: Maximum number of houses
« on: 20/10/20, 12:48pm »
Yeah, 14,280 I think, minus some crowns for some features which are already unlocked for your first and second houses, makes 13,950.

A lot!

And I'm just over 29% of the way to earning all of that!  :)

World, castle, market... / Re: Maximum number of houses
« on: 18/10/20, 04:26am »
Okay, makes sense, thank you.

But, missing two?  – You mean two in each of both of those games?  Missing four total?

Anyway, yes... that's an absolutely bewildering achievement.  My hat's off to him.

World, castle, market... / Re: Maximum number of houses
« on: 18/10/20, 12:11am »
Hi.  Um.. no, what confused me is that you said that the 42nd house could be earned with the 171st meeple..

Before Cartographers was introduced, wasn't it only possible to earn 165 meeples?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Restrict tables by rating
« on: 17/10/20, 08:45am »
***  (Apologies in advance for the length of this message!)  ***

Yes, yes, absolutely yes!!  Please do this option of restrictions by ratings!

I think the fairest system would probably be a choice between a +/- range around the player's current rating or selecting any minimum (or at least a minimum that correlates with the Daily Quest requirement).

Although, I suppose that if you do allow total freedom of selection, then if other players feel that a player is trying to be manipulative with the system, then they can just choose not to play them.

As for the bots though, I have to totally second what Marlene said about the idea of being able to at least select a MINIMUM score for bots (given that they're unlocked, I guess) to be able to at least attempt conquering the Daily Quest.  It being random luck whether or not you get paired up with a bot that meets the required minimum (and it usually failing to happen) is indeed very annoying.

There is also the "Play different players" requirement, but if you keep getting matched up with the same bot over and over again...  Perhaps an option to force the selection of a different bot (rather than people being able to select the same bot over and over again)?

Can't wait for this to be implemented!  Great stuff!  — But when you say there could be consequences for this feature on the Daily Quest, what do you mean exactly?  Does that mean it's all going to be moot?

Speaking of the Daily Quest, I've always thought it'd be better if you displayed the rankings as a percentage of Kings Favours earned, rather than the number of them (those at the top of the chart would show 100%, of course).  What do you think?  I've just noticed too that one of my Friends who hasn't logged in for two months or more is still in the charts... how can that be?  Aren't the Quests calculated for only the last twenty days?  (Similarly for the Wheat!  I guess I don't understand how it really works..)

One more suggestion concerning percentages (which I'm positive players would absolutely love if you were able to implement!) is to have a percentage number (or maybe a percentage 'completion' bar?) displayed on each table (or even if it's just a flag that appears when hovering the mouse – can't be done on touchscreens though, right?) to indicate how complete the game is, so they can know if certain other players are just starting or halfway through or nearly finished!  For most games this could be easily calculated based on the number of cards remaining in the draw deck (or on the number of wishing stones remaining, in the case of Keltis Ór) but some games admittedly could be trickier to calculate.

But I'm probably getting a bit too off-topic here, sorry.

Back on the topic of table restrictions: I've never understood the point of the "All players" option being under the restricted access menu.  If the table is open to all, then it's not restricted, is it?  Am I missing something?

Also, I think the "Only Friends" option is superfluous, as you could just use "Selection of Friends" option and click the "All" button.  Similarly the "Access by link only" option is also superfluous, as the "Selection of Friends" option covers this too and, if necessary, the player can just select "None" in their friends list (which is how it starts by default, anyway, so the only point of the "None" button is if you had started making selections, then changed your mind and it'd be easier to start over than to unselect) – although the Link Only option does bring up the link window, I suppose.. a suggestion on that below, too. 

I think that the table access menu selection could really benefit from being streamlined and simplified. 

Instead of option 1) then 2)a,b,c,d, perhaps instead just something like:

Table access via link for any player/guest and via the inn for:

1) any qualified player
2) a selection of friends

(with friends menu directly underneath, where players can choose all, none, or some)

and then three buttons instead of two:


  (and view link)

* Cancel

and if Selection of Friends: None has been chosen (thus via Link only) then either remove or hide or disable the first "Open Table" button or just have it function the same as the second one (i.e.: bring up the link window automatically regardless).


That's just one idea, anyway. 

Thanks for reading.  :)  Keep up the great work!   :D

World, castle, market... / Re: Maximum number of houses
« on: 17/10/20, 02:02am »
Thanks!   :D

So, obviously you've introduced a new house as a reward for earning a particular extra meeple (or two?) in Cartographers..  It was previously 41 houses, I'm guessing?  Or 40?

I've noticed that there's enough room in the players' Worlds for all 42 houses and five granaries with four spaces to spare for another potential eight houses.  Presumably, you'll be introducing more houses as you introduce more games onto your site?  Just wondering.

This site is awesome!  Keep up the great work!

Thanks again!

— Stu.

Siberia the card game / Re: Siberia Deck Makeup
« on: 17/05/20, 06:53am »
G'day.  Well, apparently, the actual card game has a distribution as follows:

    60 action cards
    36 resource cards
    10 worker cards
    8 seller cards
    5 investor cards
    1 direction card

Total: 120 cards

But you say that there are only 60 cards in the deck?  I'd presume that it'd be half those quantities, but then you can't have 2.5 investor cards.  Or is it a 60-card deck per player?  Also, if there are five resources, as you say, then there also must be some uneven distribution of them, as obviously 5 doesn't go into 36 exactly, but I've no idea about any of it, sorry.  I hope that this might go at least some of the way to helping you though.



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