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World, castle, market... / Re: buildings : repairing?
« on: 28/02/20, 09:59am »
Yes, sure it was just a suggestion that came to me when I was removing my old granary. For sure I understand that there are many other thing more important, in the first place we are there to pla games not to build roads and granaries :). Anyway, thanks for taking in consideration all the ideas that might come through our minds.
have a nice day!

World, castle, market... / buildings : repairing?
« on: 27/02/20, 01:33pm »
I was wondering if it could be possible to repair buildings instead of seeing them getting old and just build a new one and wait for the other one  to be destroyed. (granary for example) Or if, when we erase the old buildings, it could be a good idea to recycle a part of the materials (one wood and one brick for granaries, one rock for roads for example…) Ok these are just suggestions for the possible evolution of the game.
Have a nice day

World, castle, market... / Re: Favourite world maps
« on: 26/02/20, 10:47am »
That's good that we can take screenshots that we can post or use. The problem is that it bugs a bit (at least on my computer). each time I go on the map I do what I need to d, then I want to leave and it takes a Screenshot, the page says taking Screenshot-please wait...and I wait….I wait … (eventually fall asleep…) Well you understood what I mean, unless I refresh the page nothing happens.  SO either I'm not patient enough (that can be it) or there is a little bug with this. I wanted to report this and also to propose Something: Does it really needs to be mandatory, could it be an option in the configuration panel or eventually the little icon that is already present could be enough and let player decide if they want to Screenshot or not their world map. It could also prevent you from having to stocks millions of images.  Sorry this might not be the place to post this message but I could not find a bug report section and this problem is related to the topic so..
thanks in advance

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