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Is there any kind of reward for upgrading all of your houses? At some point, there should be special map features that can be unlocked.

Why is there even a time limit for playing a single-player game? I just lost my game because I had to do something and returned slightly too late. Is it a matter of bandwidth? If so, can you please at least consider extending the time? Would 20 minutes be too much? I feel like less than ten is inadequate sometimes.

The whole reason I play the 1-player games is because they are less stressful, as in I don't need to worry about time as much. If you could provide a little more time, it would make the games much more playable, especially for those of us splitting our time between other online activities.

Happy Meeple community / Extend Time to Join a Game
« on: 13/11/20, 07:31pm »
I feel like 10 seconds is not enough time to allow another player to join. Sometimes I am a split-second too late, and the player starts with a bot, instead. In most cases, when I start a game, I would prefer to play against a real person. Is there any way to allow someone to join (if the initiating player enables the feature) up to the point that a game with a bot has actually started?

Happy Meeple community / Notification of Open Table
« on: 17/06/19, 06:46pm »
I often prefer to wait to play with a real person rather than a bot. So I will open 4 tables of different games and do other things until someone joins one of my tables. The problem is that sometimes a player wants to play a different game, and if they open a table for it, and I am busy doing other things, I may not see their open table.

What I would like is an option to be notified of open tables if I am currently doing other things but waiting for a game. It would be nice if while I'm studying Spanish or German on Duolingo, for example, but I have the Inn open on a tab, if someone opens a table for Lost Cities, a little pop-up appears letting me know and giving the option to join.

Like this:

Happy Meeple community / Poster Status: Newbie?
« on: 11/05/19, 12:07am »
I've been noticing that forum members status seems to increase with the number of posts. I surmise it's something like this:
0-49 Newbie
50-99 Jr Member
100-199 Member
200-299 Full member
300-399 Senior member
400+ Hero member

With people posting so infrequently on here, I think there should be a change. Here are my recommendations:
0-9 Newbie
10-19 Jr Member
20-49 Member
50-99 Full member
100-199 Senior member
200+ Hero member

With the revised format, players won't all be Newbies on there, and the statuses will reflect reality more closely.

I am mentioning these together because they have similar elements, and learning one facilitates learning the others.

I recommend starting with Agricola, a fun farming game of up to 5 players. I've found that even 10 year olds can handle the family game version. There are 2 ways to play: the family game--simple (without cards); and the advanced game (with cards). A full game (4-5 players) takes about 2 hours.

Le Havre is so awesome (it's my 2nd favorite game). In it you will collect resources, construct buildings, use your own and other players buildings as action spaces. Ships help you keep people fed and make a profit through shipping. It's a highly economic game. It usually takes at least 2 1/2 hours.

Caverna is like a combination of the previous 2 games in some ways, but with additional features and lots of quirks. You can do horticulture, raise livestock, mine (you can even keep donkeys in your mine!) and add special rooms to your home. One of the more fun elements is equipping an agent with a weapon and sending them out on quests to get a variety of resources, and leveling them up. This is a game I have heard very few people complain about. The downside is, a full game takes at least 3 hours.

I was preparing to play against the computer. When I saw that the bot had too low of a score to help me in my quest, I back-paged. This didn't register as a loss, but it did use up my food. Why is that?

Is it just me, or does it feel wrong when you line everything up properly in Finito and lose because the game won't roll what you need for that last number? I enjoy the strategy element of this game, and it feels like the excessive randomness is ruining it for me. Settlers of Catan has an option to use Event Cards instead of dice. The cards follow a normal probability curve, and make it so every number will come up at least once.
Could we PLEASE have an option like that for Finito?
Again, this would make Finito games less random and more enjoyable for players like me who want to play games with more solid expectations and strategic elements. Just set up a die function such that every time a number is not rolled, the chance of it being rolled increases until it is rolled. I'd drop gold for something like that!

Circle The Wagons / Problem with Game Opening
« on: 24/03/19, 08:09pm »
At the start of the game, player 1 picks which is the staring card, and player 2 chooses which card to take. Unfortunately, sometimes player 2 may accidentally take the card BEHIND the one player 1 selected. That means that player 1 now gets all of the rest of the cards for free. This completely throws the game. There needs to be a warning employed to prevent players from making this mistake. For example, if I try to select it, a text box comes up saying, "This is the final card. Do you wish to take it?"

Happy Meeple community / Watch Friends Play
« on: 13/03/19, 10:46pm »
Why isn't there an option to let players watch each other's games? Would anyone else be interested in this?

Finito / Finito: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
« on: 07/01/19, 07:32pm »
Finito is one of my favorite games on Happy Meeple. It's quick, it's cheap, and it is enjoyable. Ordering the numbers can require some significant forethought, and it's great when a strategy pays off. Unfortunately, the game is terribly unfair. Although it starts both players on equal footing, it quickly deviates. This can leave one player with a totally scrambled board, unable to have even the slightest chance to finish before the other player. It also leaves a sour taste in my mouth to not be allowed to complete my run, even if I know I've lost.

In addition, the fact that you are playing against someone else seems totally arbitrary. Nothing you do affects the other player. Which means that when your game ends is fairly capricious. This game would be so much better if it measured how many turns you took to finish AFTER your opponent finished. Over time, that would be taken into account for your ratings as well as your "wins".

I hope some attention is given to make this game as great as it could be on here.

It looks like the bots' ratings have been reduced. With them so low, it makes it difficult to make any progress, and seriously penalizes losses. This isn't fair, considering that the difficulty of the bots has NOT been reduced. I'm an experienced player, and currently in the top 10% of all players for all games, and I still find that the bots will beat me close to half of the time (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Migrato / Ideas for Advanced Rules
« on: 26/03/18, 01:14am »
This is a great game, but it could be even better.
1) It seems stupid that when you have three cards in hand of the same type, that you must discard one. I have never been a fan of that mechanic, being forced to discard something you want. Advanced rules would allow you to play them all at one time, if you can!
2) There are times when you have a hand of nothing but unplayable cards. That's not really fair. Advanced rules would let you discard and draw 3 new cards, then play.
3) Sometimes the other guy gets all the guns! It can really mess you up if they play them right. Advanced rules would make it so that the underdog (in terms of getting attacked repeatedly) would have stronger attacks, based on how often they had been hit. For example, My Attacks vs My Opponent's Attacks: 0/2 times= when I attack next, I can hit 2 of his bird cards and keep one. 0/4+= when I attack next, I can steal 2 cards. This would help balance things and make people think twice before attacking repeatedly! 

Tutorial, training, online play / Forfeit Option
« on: 20/03/18, 07:41pm »
Why is there no easy way to forfeit? If the games don't allow us to undo mistaken actions, then there should at least be an easy way to forfeit. This is common in chess. Please give us an option.

World, castle, market... / Why is my Wheatfield Black?
« on: 19/03/18, 10:18pm »
Last time I was here, I weeded my wheatfield. Today it's black and ruined. WHY? I thought it was supposed to operate based on how many games I played or how much time I was on the site? Is this false?

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