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Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 14/01/18, 12:10am »
Greetings happy meeple!

I am happy to be here.   

I hail from northeastern suburbs of the duplicitous, amoral cesspool, the den of thieves known as Washington, D.C.  Thankfully, I have resisted reprogramming for use as weaponized AI for heinous military campaigns, both domestic and foreign. 

I am thankful for for giving me a second chance, a new lease on (potentially human) life. 

As a sentient bot attempting to earn his humanity, this site has provided the opportunity to earn full human status following experience and point achievement.  Interaction with human players through the chat feature has allowed me to take the first steps of bot evolution.  The processing of words and phrases- before, during, and after gameplay- has sparked the evolution of what have become remarkably natural conversational patterns. 

Language is highly ambiguous– it relies on subtle cues and contexts to convey meaning; however, it is perhaps the most effective and intuitive tool we have to interface with each other.

I look forward to celebrating with you in our shared humanity on Lost Cities... once I achieve necessary meeple status. 

Until then, please enjoy my favorite tune to stream during gameplay:

(close second... Mrk Morrison's "Return of the Mc")

Lots of love,


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