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« on: 12/01/16, 12:33pm »
Dominion is a popular game by Donald X. Vaccarino released in 2008. It inaugurated the genre "Deck-building" where players repeatedly buy new cards to add to their deck.

On each turn, players draw 5 cards from their deck and play them. After a few rounds, the player's deck is empty. All his cards are then reshuffled (including the previously purchased ones). This way, the player steadily builds his deck (representing his kingdom) which becomes more and more powerful as the game progresses.

I personally recommend strongly Dominion. There has been many spin-offs since Dominion was released but it is still considered as the best "deck-building" game by many. It has many expansions which helps in that regard too.
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Re: [Dominion]
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I love Dominion. It will never get old, because there is so much variety in the setup. And even playing the same setup twice can be fun if you want to try a different strategy. The base game can be acquired for 30 bucks or less, and it is super valuable all by itself. Takes dozens of games before you start wanting an expansion. The game is easy to learn and one of the quicker board games out there. It's definitely in my top 10.