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Title: FAQ - Migrato rules
Post by: Jimmy V. on 12/01/16, 01:40pm
Migrato rules (http://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/migrato/rules/)
Frequenty asked questions about the Migrato game:

When does the game end?
The game ends when each type of bird has arrived at least once.
If 3 types of bird arrived in player 1's side and the 2 other types arrived in player 2's side, then the game ends immediately.

How do you I recognize the different types of bird?
For beginners to the game, It is normal to have trouble differentiating the birds. After a few games, they will become your friends and you will be a bird expert.
In the meantime, look at the background of the cards. Each specie has a different background.
You can also leave your mouse for a few seconds on the cards or on the arrival zones. A text will appear to let you know what bird it is and its specificities in the game.
Another great way to get information is to have a look at the summary sheet. Click on the green "?" icon during a game! This sheet is also available from the Migrato rules page (http://www.happymeeple.com/en/board-games/migrato/rules/).