Author Topic: Bot order out of order?  (Read 906 times)

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Bot order out of order?
« on: 24/11/18, 10:38pm »
Why does Saboteur have a lower score than Lechebot even though the former comes after the latter? Same question with Bot-dog and Botiful. Or are those scores only for lost cities?

Happy Meeple

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Re: Bot order out of order?
« Reply #1 on: 25/11/18, 12:56pm »
The intention is that bots are always ranked from 1 (Lobotomo) to 12 (Verboten). They are seeded like this after playing against each other. But in practice, some bots may fit human's style better than others and also some bots may have a different set of opponents (bot #4 will play a lot of beginners, while bot #5 even if a bit stronger will face somewhat more experienced players).

As a result, the initial correct ranking order may change over time. Sometimes, we try to rebalance it, but it is difficult to be always correct.