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Possible bug?


Paul A.:
I had 2 Black-winged Stilt in a column. There had been a third on this column, but it had just been stolen by my opponent. When I played another BWS on the column, the scoring mechanism was triggered, but rejected because cards were mixed.

Is this a bug? Surely the scoring mechanism should not have been triggered because I only had 3 cards in the stack?

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for reporting this Paul! Very much appreciated.

From the elements you reported it is indeed a bug. I need to have a look at it. However, this very same situation must have happened many times in the past so if a bug existed it shoud have happened many many times already. Mystery here...

Do you remember at what time you were playing and against what player/bot?

Paul A.:
I think it was Sara O, shortly before I posted.


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