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I Can't See Any Games

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Diane U.:
I've just joined this site. All I can see on the scrren is a map, with a small building and then a list of your partners, showing the boardgames I can purchase from them. There's nothing else to click on other than random ads.

When I initially landed on the site, I could see options for different games, now it's not coming up. The url keeps switching to

Jimmy V.:
Please read this thread. Your best bet for now is to use another browser.;topicseen#new

Diane U.:
Thanks  :)

Carl J.:
Haven't been able to see or do anything past the map for 3 days. It seems to correspond to this new tag i habe by your web addres with 2 circles and lines that showed up same time. Please advise. I play from the phone and do not have other browser

Jimmy V.:
I made changes to the platform to fix the Chrome issue. The good news is that it does work on my machine now.

However, it looks like it will probably not work on yours just yet. Please try and let me know!

If it does not work, then please try again after closing all instances of Chrome, this might definitely help. Unfortunately, I have just tried on another machine where none of it helped :(

Please do the above and let me know what happens, whether it is positive or negative!


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