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Tips to get more gold


Mike A.:
The obvious, easy way to get gold is to complete daily challenges. That's a smooth, painless method of getting a dozen+ a day.

Here's my tip to getting more that most of you probably aren't doing: When you win magic potion, use it to get two game win streaks in as many different games as possible. When the magic potion runs out, play the games with the two game win streaks. Every win will earn gold.

Another tip: Don't play games that you have active 3+ winning streaks when you have magic potion. You don't earn gold when you have magic potion, so don't play your streaks after they get to two games. If your magic potion is an hour or less, play and win games to get your food maxed out with the non-streak games. It's also a good time to play the solo games, training and tutorials because they normally cost food and you never gain food back by winning those, unlike the match games.

Happy playing, meeps!

Any other gold collecting tips?

nice tips
but frankly I did not care too much about the gold ;D ;D ;D
I am having 37k gold but don't know what should I do with those lol

Mike A.:
That's roughly what I have. When I have enough for a year of free play, I'll cash them in for that.

Alex B.:
Remember to click on the card at the bottom of the screen when you log in and every ten minutes or so, since it recharges.  Sometimes it gives you gold directly.  Sometimes it gives you building materials that can either be used in their own right or sold for gold.


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