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I'm not understanding how you unlock new bots

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Becki M.:
I play in training mode which may be the issue. I've unlocked up to the blue bot in the games I am playing but cannot seem to get any further no matter how many games I play. It says you don't have to pay to unlock them (although I did in a couple of games) but ?? I see the "fast way" (which says I won 0/1 and I don't know what that refers to since I've won several games) and the slow way (which says I have 0% experience). It's OK, I can just keep playing the same 3 or 4 but I don't understand how it's supposed to work.

Brandi M.:
You have to win against each bot. If you don't have a medal next to each you have to keep playing until you get one.

Jimmy V.:
Bots are unlocked automatically when you reach a certain rating. Ratings only evolve as you play online. So you need to play online.

Playing online is the main way of playing. That's why.

But I understand that it is somewhat counter-intuitive to need to play online to be able to play "offline". You are not the first one to ask.

I hope this clarifies.

Becki M.:
Thank you. I guess eventually I might get up the nerve to play against real people lol. I do enjoy being able to try out games before I buy them and bought several for Christmas after playing here (Mountain Goats, GPS, and Cartographers.)

Sam O.:
To be honest, depending on the game and the time of day, you'll almost always be able to play against a bot in full online mode - it gives you the option of playing a bot if no ones sits down at your "table" for the first 10 seconds. For games other than Carto and Lost Cities, you'll almost always get a bot.
If you really don't want to play against real people, you can use the "friends only" option, and if you don't have any friends, then a bot is pretty much guaranteed! Who says being anti-social can't be beneficial ;)


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