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Jimmy V.:
Frequently asked questions about the achievements

How does the bot challenge work?
You receive a bronze medal after beating 3, 6, 9 and 12 different bots for a specific game.
This medal becomes silver if you have done the same 3 times.
It becomes gold when you have done the same 3 times.
So if you manage to beat all 12 bots 6 times, you get the highest medal. It takes some time of course.

Do online games count for the bot challenge?
In training mode you can choose which bots to play against. It makes it easier to complete the bot challenge. However, online games do count. If you beat Botero online, it is as good as beating it in training.

Is there an achievement for winning more than 10 matches in a row?
No, the highest achievement is 10 wins. You still get gold rewards by going over 10. But you don't get any more achievement.


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