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Encoder - the game of symbols, meaning and communication.


Claude L.:
Hey all - I helped create this game and wanted to share it with the community!

The game is called Encoder​ and if you enjoy decoding encrypted messages with friends (minimum three players), I'm sure you'll like this game, for desktop only. To play go here: https://encoder.world/ and check out the 'how to' section to learn how to play here: https://encoder.world/help/

I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for the support!​

Geraldine M.:
Hi, interesting-looking game. Kind of a cross between French Toast and Concept, to me at least.

I hope to try it with my online game group this weekend.

One question:is there a list of what the symbols are intended to represent (e.g. protection), or is figuring that out/assigning your own meanings part of the fun?

Geraldine M.:
Ignore the question above. Once we started playing, I discovered that you can hover the cursor over symbols to see what they are intended to represent.

We all enjoyed playing and would definitely try it again.

My only minor criticism would be that some of the difficulty levels assigned to target words seem a bit random.


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