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Hammer button and OK button


Jack S.:
I often find myself clicking on the hammer button when I meant to click on the OK button which is very frustrating. The two buttons are the same size and located very close to each other so it is not that hard to mistake one for the other. Is it possible to move one to somewhere else or otherwise make them more distinct-looking?

Jimmy V.:
Done  ;)

Thanks for taking the time to publish that great feedback!

Jack S.:
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my request. Can you explain what change you made? Nothing looks different to me.

Jimmy V.:

The whole mallet box has been shifted downwards by at least 5 pixels.
The mallet button has been switched with the mallets (before, the button was above the mallets).
The mallet button is slightly smaller.

All in all, the button is probably 20-30 pixels further away from the OK button and it is smaller too. This should help a lot I believe. But let me know if that's not enough.

Jack S.:
Thanks very much. I'll let you know whether I keep clicking it accidentally.


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