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Winning food from Raging Bulls?


Jack S.:
When you do well at Raging Bulls you don't get any food as reward, unlike when you win in the two-player games. Why is this? I suppose there's no official way to win at Raging Bulls, unlike in the other games, but it seems to me that if your rating goes up as a result of a game you have effectively 'won'. Is there any reason not to reward players with food if their rating goes up at the end of a game of Raging Bulls?

Jimmy V.:
Indeed, there is no such thing as a win. So the easiest thing to do for us was to simply ignore the food bonus.

This said, we take that into account in the food price of the game. It is on a low food per minute cost.

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll keep it in mind.

Jack S.:
Thanks for letting me know.


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