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Alex B.:
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that one should not use the “hoard all the 10s or 9s” tactic?  I have branched out from Lost Cities and May be committing some faux pas by using that tactic (I was asked to “play fair”).

Rebecca R.:
There is skill involved in playing Lost cities, however there is an element of luck too, which is what I think is nice about the game - anyone can win. You can only hoard the 10s and 9s if you happen to draw them, seems like a good tactic to me if you get the opportunity. I do not think this is unfair, it's just the way the game goes sometimes.

Ieta C.:
The hand limit means anyone hoarding 10s and 9s will have problems with getting long runs in a particular expedition. There are counter-strategies that can sometimes be deployed, notably specialising in particular colours and trying to get long expeditions. Also note that you need a minimum of 3 cards to make a profit.

Unless you have specifically agreed otherwise in advance with a specific player in advance, you can play the cards however you find them :)

Jimmy V.:
Are you talking of Level X or Lost Cities? You are in the Level X forum but everyone is talking about LC.

The original question makes more sense for Level X to me.

Daniel G.:
I agree with Ieta C. Unless it is agreed ahead of time with a specific player, I would not feel bad about utilizing available strategies in any game. 

In Level X, it is a common strategy to hoard all of one number if possible (not just the 9's and 10's), and your opponent can displace you if they don't like it (obviously with a little help from the dice).


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