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Questions about Saws


Sunny B.:
Hi there,
just started to play today and I have a question about saws. Are they one use only? If not there‘s a bug in the game because my second one keeps disappearing. I‘ll attach a screenshot. There it can be seen that I should have two saws,  but I only have one. I might have used one last move, but I‘m not sure, hence my question if they are one use only or if it’s a bug.

Lieven D.:
They seem to be one use only.

Jimmy V.:
Yes, you can use them only once. You probably used when you modified a die value.

You gain one new saw when you save the same number 3 times. You use it when you modify a die value.

Sunny B.:
Thanks for the reply.
I‘m really having a hard time „catching“ all the bulls... oh well 😉.


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