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How often is food earned? How long is "Long"?


Marcus O.:
I can't really tell at the moment as I've got a few roads and that's probably skewing my food rate...

But how often do we earn food without roads?

And how many games is "Long"?  I'm trying to determine if it's better to just let the gold pile up and buy extra food when I need it, or build roads.  Or even a granary or grocer.

Pam A.:
With no roads, it takes 10 minutes to generate 1 food. 
With 1 road, it takes about 8 minutes 32 (or 33) seconds.  You save just under a minute and a half.

Additional roads will further reduce the regen time.  But each additional road reduces the food regen time less and less.  ex. - with 2 roads it will take about 7m 30s ... So with the first road you saved about a minute and a half, whereas the 2nd road only saved you about a minute.

I'm just guessing on 2nd road, because I don't remember exactly what it was.   

Maybe someone who has 2 roads can give us the actual amount.

Sascha A.:
07:30 is correct.


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