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Jimmy V.:
Let's play a little game and earn some money!

The first player to beat Verboten 3 times in Circle The Wagons (online mode only) will earn a $100 cash prize.

A few extra rules:

To win the prize, one must climb the ranking list, unlock Verboten and beat it 3 times.
It is allowed to unlock Verboten with coins (to do so, click on Verboten in the list of bots of the training mode screen).
It is allowed to use Magic Potion for more play time.
It is not allowed to inflate one's rating by unconventional ways (by playing against a fake account or a complacent opponent for example). Your rating must reflect your strength.
The winner must have registered their account so that we can get in touch via email.
Payment will be done via Paypal.
We reserve the right to amend the rules (most likely to make the task easier), to increase the prize or even to cancel the challenge altogether should something unforeseen happen.

You can use this thread to report on the challenge.

Have fun!

Jimmy V.:
Only one person appears in the ranking list at this point. It means few players have started to take the challenge seriously.

Plenty of opportunities for you to win then! It is only just starting.


Daniel G.:
Do you need to win 3 times and make top of the ranking?

Jimmy V.:
You just need to win 3 times against Verboten in the online mode. You don't need to be at the top of the ranking list.

Jimmy V.:
Mark L. has managed to reach a rating of 1887 and unlocked Botanist, the penultimate bot.

Congratulations to him! He shows that climbing up the ranking is doable.

Unfortunately for him, he has since suffered a loss streaks. He is still above 1800 though.

Who will get the Jackpot? Plenty of time left, we think.


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