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Jimmy V.:
Let us play a little game and earn some Magic Potion!

The first person to name our next game will earn 1 month of Magic Potion! Yes 1 month of Magic Potion!

But that's not all, any person who asks an interesting question (a question that helps us get significantly closer to the solution) will also be rewarded with Magic Potion or Gold. Just be aware that we can only reply Yes or No to your questions. So don't ask the color of the box or the number of letters in the title!

Ready to play? Let's go!

PS: only one rule, you cannot ask two questions in a row or make two propositions in a row! You need to wait for another player to post another question/proposition before asking again. This is just to avoid flooding by one player.

Carlos C.:
Let's play. \o/

Was the physical game released in the last 5 years?

Jimmy V.:

--- Quote ---Was the physical game released in the last 5 years?
--- End quote ---

Indeed it was Carlos.

Since you were the first player, you deserve a little reward. Please find 50 coins in your account!

Carlos C.:
Thank you. Now let us wait for someone else chime in. =)

Jeff M.:
Is it a card based game?


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