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Was Migrato changed? (Card enlarging)


Jamie A.:
I haven't played Migrato in a while and am wondering if there has been a change somewhat recently. On my turn, my card selection would instantly result in the card enlarging and popping in to cover one side of the playing area. Unfortunately it felt very irritating, harder to focus on the layouts, and I couldn't wait for the game to be over. I looked for an option to turn off the pop-over but didn't see one.

I don't recall this happening, or having this feeling, on my many many previous plays. Did I just lose my feel for the game, or was this one of the more recent changes? If it was listed in the update thread, I'm sorry for not seeing it.

Thanks anyone for reply.

Jimmy V.:
Nothing has changed.

I think it is normal that you noticed it after a long period of not playing.

When I play, I don't notice it anymore. So that's what was happening to you before.

Funny how our brain works.

Jamie A.:
Yes, it's so weird!  Thank you.  :)


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