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Jimmy V.:
Happy Meeple is proud of its community.
It is nice to know each other. Feel free to introduce yourself below!
Don't forget to let us know about your favorite games!

Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

My name is Nicolas Guibert. I have been running this platform since it was launched. You probably know me better under the name Jimmy V.

I am a French engineer. I currently live in London and work full-time on Happy Meeple. I am married and have two wonderful kids that love board games (they had no choice really :) )

I have been playing games for all my life. For a long period, I played international draughts (not the 8x8 variant, the 10x10 one!) in competition. I got lucky enough to become France champion in 1999. That was the peak of my career. I never managed to get close to this result again.

In 1998, I started to develop a 10x10 draughts-playing program. I organized the first man-machine match in the discipline in 2001 againt world #8.  My program lost narrowly but took its revenge convincingly in 2003. The idea of course was to play against the world champion some day, but I turned into other things and the adventure stopped there.

I stopped my draughts career and then delved into Poker and Backgammon. That's where I started loving lady luck. Don't get me wrong! Purely abstract games like Draughts, Chess or Go are wonderful, but they are very harsh. The best player always wins!

My gaming career then met the board gaming hobby. I am a big board game fan ever since. That's what led me to start Happy Meeple, a project that puts my AI skills to good use.The project has been a huge one, a never finished one, with an endless to-do list too. Sadly, since I started working on Happy Meeple, I have had less time for playing. But I still follow the board gaming news quite extensively and buy too many board games.  ;)

I look forward to reading about you, Happy Meeple friends!

My favorite board games:
Party games: Time's Up, Codenames, Linq
Family games: Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Hey that's my fish!, Cacao
Expert games: Deus, Dominion, Race for the galaxy

Mike M.:

My name is Mike and I live in the US (Ohio).  I do research in the field of microbiology.  I am married with 1 child (more to come).  I love board games, card games, etc.  Magic the Gathering is my #1 choice when gaming with friends, but really I'll try anything.  On this site, I love to play Lost Cities (which I also own and play with my wife regularly)

Happy Gaming!

Stephanie E.:
Hello fellow Meeples!
I love this website and the people who come here! As you see, my name is Stephanie.  I live in the Chicagoland area of Illinois in the US. I am a general contractor (who specializes in building custom homes) by day and a game junkie by night.  The current family favorite is a Catan. Lost Cities is a nightly round robin during dinner, loser has to do the dinner dishes! 
Have Fun! and don't forget to VOTE!

E- L.:
Hi everybody,

nice to see that we now have a forum here! I'm quite new to this site, I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a place to play Lost Cities online.
As a child I loved all kind of board games, but unfortunately my partner does not play much, and due to my handicap I do not have many other people to play with in real life.

Since I came here first (two weeks ago or so), I developped already some kind of addiction  ;)

The site is also interesting for me for another reason. I have worked in the fields of e-learning in the last years, and I always had the dream to run an e-learning platform that combines learning/practicing with fun elements like mini-games.
I have recently lost my job and now I'm thinking about realising this idea... maybe, maybe...  :)

But I'm still at the very beginning, writing down my ideas, and this site appealed to me immediately, because I like the design and the whole concept.

If Jimmy or someone else of the team would like to share some of their experience with me, I would be very happy, e. g. how much manpower it needs to run such a platform. I also imagine it is not so easy to generate enough income to get around.

However, congrats so far for the nice site and go on with that good work!

Sofia (the E-Learner  ;) )


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