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Jimmy V.:
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Frequently asked questions about rankings:

Do training games count for rating?
No they don't. Only online games count.

How does the rating system work?
The rating system is based on the ELO system (the same used by many federations like Chess, Rugby, etc.).
The higher your rating, the better.
If you play a strong opponent, the system expects you to lose often and you will lost fewer points if you lose the game. On the opposite, if you win against this strong opponent, you will win many points.
This generates an equilibrium. The higher your ranking, the harder it is to keep.
It is a brilliant system.

The game ended in a draw, but I lost points in the rating system. Why?
In this case, your opponent had a lower rating than you before the game. He was weaker than you. He performed well by drawing against you and he is rewarded. Similarly, you performed not so well and lost a few points (usually not much).

Will my rating go up if I play a lot?
By playing a lot, you will probably make progress and this will show in your rating.
However playing a lot is not in itself a guarantee. No points are awarded for playing. Points are awarded for making good performance, performance that is better that what your current rating suggests.

I don't want to play against weaker opponents because I may lose a lot of points. Is that right?
Indeed you risk losing a lot of points if you lose against a low rated player. But the system is all about odds. The odds of this happening is low and most of the time, you will win a few points rather then lose a lot.
A weak opponent should not be feared.


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