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Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

We need more admins.

Admins' tasks are pretty simple.

The main ones are:
1) Delete offensive chats from the inn as you see them.
2) Ban the offender from the chats for a few hours (or days or weeks).

Optionaly, you can also:
3) Help new players when they ask questions

For the deleting/banning in the chat, 2 buttons are provided to admins. Very simple use. Just a matter of seconds.

There is no particular advantage of being an admin apart from the pride of helping the Happy Meeple community and keeping Happy Meeple a safe and peaceful place.

Feel free to let us know if you want to be an admin! Either via this forum thread or via our contact form (pen icon in the main menu).

Long live the Happy Meeple admins!  :D :D :D :D

Jimmy V.:
And I am happy to welcome Jeff M. as a new admin. Thanks very much Jeff!

Feel free to join him!

Jimmy V.:
We have more and more players. Sometimes they are not very polite... and use the chat in a very unsatisfying way...

So we need more admins that can delete unpleasant messages quickly.

Please let us know if you are interested. You will get an extra button do delete messages when appropriate and that's all.

Thanks for your help!

Jeff W.:
I can help with that.

Anita D.:
I'm willing to help there. it's never pleasant reading nasty messages when this is a great forum otherwise.


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