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So, it seems that I'm poised to keep reporting and asking for improvements on this stability issue.

I had once again a Hanamikoji game that crashed. Yay !
As soon as I saw the yellow light and then the message "Connection issue. Trying to reconnect. Error code : SEND", I pressed "refresh page". Sadly, it didn't reload. The progress bar stopped about 20% through. I opened another tab and opened Facebook, just to confirm that *I* was still connected to the internet. I tried refreshing the Happy Meeple tab again, and it wouldn't go beyond 20%. I then opened Happy Meeple in that tab and it told me "please, don't open multiple windows", so I went to the previous tab that told me "match cancelled". Awesome.

1) Again, could something be done about stability ?
2) Why does "match cancelled" mean "we will count as if you lost a game" ? Really, cancelled should mean "we won't update anything".
3) Can I get my counters manually moved back to where it was ?

Since I started not following the daily quests that much, some time ago, my personal quest has been to hold good running series in the games I like. To each their own tastes after all.
Right now I had 12 wins in a row at Hanamikoji. I was working on number 13 and doing pretty well in the second round. Except that I feel I am facing a d20 rolled every game, and if it yields a 1 the game is a loss to me no matter what.
It's unfair. It's frustrating.
Can I get my wins-in-a-row counter set back to 12 ?

Dont you think you are asking too much for a free online plataform with awesome ai? I guess there are so many other unfair things irl. And it may be better for everyone if you help solving problems instead of wining fir your elo or stats.
I apologize for my Englush, this is not my first language.

Dos it hv a ghost on it?

Is it posible to score more than 100?

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