Author Topic: Gazing for Gaming Suggestions and Strategies for Novice Gamers  (Read 150 times)

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Hello Happy Meeple Community!

Happy Meeple Community newbie here, and I'm loving it so far!  Having a blast with Hanamikoji and Cartographers, but I'm hungry to learn more.

As a beginner, I'm hoping some seasoned players can point me towards some fantastic "must-play" games on Happy Meeple. Ideally, something that offers a good mix of strategy and luck, with a smooth learning curve that's still engaging.

Secondly, any tips for leveling up my game? I've got the basics down, but struggle with more advanced strategies. What are some common beginner pitfalls to avoid? Perhaps some general thought processes or tactics that experienced players use to make better decisions?

Lastly, what about the Happy Meeple community features? Are there any events, tournaments, or forums you recommend for someone new to get involved?  Learning from others sounds like a fantastic way to grow as a player.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice!  Super excited to dive deeper into this awesome hobby and become a more skilled player with your help!