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Jeanbastien K.:

first of all thank you for all you do for us/me ! I love the game, and it work total perfect ;) ;) ;)

Thank you for all !
Big Respect for this new amazing game :)

Jimmy V.:
I am really not sure to understand what the problem is here. I'll send you an email so that we can sort this out (in French I believe).

What is probably confusing you is that:

After you have built a fence, the "continue" and "stop" buttons appear. At that moment, you can still click on the posts and pretend you are building fences, but you are not building fences, you cannot build fences anymore. You have to roll the dice again (so press continue). It is normal that the "pretend fence" you drew disappears when you click "continue".

This is not a bug but a feature. It is convenient to be able to draw a "pretend fence" to see if it is doable before deciding if you want to continue the game of if it is better to stop.

Jeanbastien K.:
I just find the solution of the level Mallets !

It was hard losing five breads each time I fail ...ahahaha :)

This level is a small step for a bull but a great step for any player !

Thank you  ;)

Ernie S.:
What a neat game, I enjoy it very much. Only suggestion for me would be to slightly increase points for pairings and slightly reduce penalty for mallet use. This to offset high random element factor inheret to this game.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for your nice feedback. It's difficult to change scoring now especially as it affects all world records and all challenges threshold. It would be a lot of work for a benefit that is not so clear.

We are very proud of this game in any case. And judging by the numbers of games played each week, you seem to be loving it too.

Anyone completed all challenges? I did not check the stats.


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