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I'm not really sure how to use the King's favours to customise my houses. I tried both clicking on the house once it was built and clicking on the favour icon, but nothing happened. Then I thought the castle might have a way to 'build' an improvement, but no.

Not sure what else to try.

Lost Cities / Re: Comments on Lost cities makeover
« on: 19/07/16, 05:24pm »
I was adjusting the whole screen size, not the individual browser window. I've now done it that way and all is well.


Lost Cities / Re: Comments on Lost cities makeover
« on: 13/07/16, 04:30pm »
The new layout LOOKS good, but on my laptop screen, it is impossible to see the whole playing area now, so I have the choice of watching what my opponent does and then scrolling back down to figure out what new card I've been dealt, or watching my own hand and constantly scrolling up to see what the other player has been up to. Either way requires quite a bit of memory, and all the scrolling makes it WAY less fun to play.

I never had the problem with the old layout, and really don't see why it now needs to be so high now: there seems to be much more room in the playing area than would be taken up even with maximum tiles. (On other games, the whole area is not shown on my screen, but the hidden information is not something I constantly need to look at, e.g. the types of birds which have successfully migrated in Migrato.)

I could change the size at which I view everything on my screen, I suppose, but that is not convenient when I am multitasking.

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