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If it is ok to suggest a few games (although I have no idea regarding rights issues and such), I would like to suggest:

Love Letter


Side Show

All three are fairly simple to learn, but hard to master. All require both a bit of skill and a bit of luck. All play in under fifteen minutes. And, I think they would fit in with the games that are already here. Thanks for listening to my suggestion, and thank you Jimmy P for all of your hard work on this labor of love, so that we can all enjoy it. You are amazing!

Happy Meeple community / Wyatt B.
« on: 08/03/22, 02:48am »
Hi all!

I should have done this a while ago, but it is better late than never.

 My name is Wyatt B.  I am a private music instructor (amongst many other things) in Portland, Oregon  USA. Aside from teaching, playing, and recording music, I enjoy darts, writing, gold prospecting, comedy, a bunch of other things, and, of course, board/tabletop games and gaming. I enjoy developing new game ideas too, but just to play with friends, so far, and enjoy Happy Meeple and the online community that makes it so warm and wonderful. I look forward to playing you all, at some point. If you see me on, say hi. :)

Current favorites on HM:

Siberia Card
Lost Cities
Level X
(and pretty much all the others, too. LOL)

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