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I presume you mean "progress", not "process" (?) and yes, as long as you have cookies enabled then it should be saved.

You should find, however, that it's easier to just create an account, then all your information that has been thus-far saved to the guest account will be saved to your named account and then you can also play from any (supported) browser on any (supported) device (or play in a private browser / incognito mode too, if that's your preference) – plus in chats people can address you by your preferred name, rather than a number (or "guest").

Okay, I've just noticed that you do already have an account, so I'm not sure why you would even want to play as a guest, in that case... 🤔

Happy Meeple community / Re: Notifications on new posts
« on: 31/08/22, 03:01am »
They will appear in green in The Daily Meeple section (and it's pretty rare, so it should be very easy to notice when there's a new forum message).

Happy Meeple community / Re: New bug?
« on: 18/06/22, 06:44am »
Oh, I see.  Well I still haven't played that game yet, so I really don't know, sorry.

Maybe there was some rule which disallowed the placement that you were trying..?

But you did say that for the first game it did work after refreshing, so yeah, that's weird..  maybe it really is a new bug.

I hope it gets sorted out for you.  Good luck!  :)

Happy Meeple community / Re: New bug?
« on: 17/06/22, 03:54pm »
What was/were the game(s)?

What were the pieces which you were trying to place?

Keltis the card game / Re: Keltis Card Strategy
« on: 14/02/22, 08:51pm »
Thanks, Jimmy, and you're welcome.

Becki, hey 19 to 22, that's not bad!  :) 

Getting those stones is important to the point where it's probably worth letting your opponent have any grey cards if that's the only option.  Remember, you also then draw two cards instead of one, which can put you in a stronger position straight away.

Have you tried Keltis Ór?  It's good too.

Okay, it looks like you still haven't figured it out (?) but anyway, hope to see you around.  :)


Thanks for raising this, Michel.

Keltis the card game / Re: Strategy?
« on: 12/02/22, 03:14am »
G'day, Becki.  :) 

Thanks for the reply (and for the kind words).  I'm not the strongest of analysers necessarily either, it's taken me a while of playing this game to figure out all that stuff I told you.

Yeah, playing pairs of cards for stones (and as early as possible, before your opponent gets the chance to) is usually the better play, particularly as it lets you draw two new cards instead of just one.  These could be one or both previous discards (to improve your paths or possibly even claim another pair) or from the draw pile to increase your chances of getting more pairs of cards for even more stones.  Avoid as much as possible, particularly at least earlier on, playing on your paths numbers for which stones have not yet been claimed and especially avoid discarding them (which will not only hinder your chances of stones, but increase your opponent's chances of claiming them).

Yeah, there does have to be a bit of risk involved when you don't have the greatest of hands, but not as much as there is in Lost Cities.  Playing the grey cards on the grey stones for one point each is often the best option you may have (but generally, the longer you can try to hold onto them for the chance of increasing your path lengths to those crucial bonus-point lengths, the better it may turn out, as long as you're not otherwise gifting your opponent points through discards (s)he'd want).

Starting a path even if it doesn't make it to four cards can actually sometimes be an okay choice, because, even if you do end up with a small hit of negative points, doing that can buy you a bit of time to draw more cards which, if you are lucky enough to draw the right cards, may mean you get to play more 'in between' cards on other paths, making those longer, and potentially making up some of (or all of, or even more than) the difference with extra points on those paths (all the while helping you to avoid gifting your opponent points or, even worse, swing points).

If you click on my name to get to my forum profile, there's an Add to Buddy List option on the left.  Given you asked, I've taken the liberty of adding to you to mine, which should make it even easier for you to do the same.  If you've changed your mind though, that's okay, I won't be offended, don't worry.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,


Keltis the card game / Re: Keltis Card strategy.
« on: 06/02/22, 08:29am »
G'day, Becki.   :)

It's probably hard to say without any examples to study...

I presume you know that paths can start either high or low?  That you need at least a couple of stones to get out of the negative zone?  That you usually shouldn't bother starting a path until you're confident that it can be at least four steps long (but sometimes it may be better taking a small hit than gifting the opponent discards)?  That you can repeat numbers on paths (up to three times, including grey)?  That there are only one of each of the three highest and three lowest numbers and two of everything other colour (one of each of grey) but that thirty cards are removed randomly from the game before starting?  Where the bonus extra-two-points breaks are (at 4, 7, and 9 cards)?  That more than 9 cards of a colour are pointless (except to avoid an only-other-option scenario of gifting discards)?  That you can potentially end the game prematurely if you're ahead by finishing a fifth path with an end card?

The following is a chart of how many points the stones are actually worth:

1st: 3
2nd: 1
3rd: 4
4th: 2

5th: 4 (x2=8 effectively, as this crucial one is a swing, capping opponent's max score from 14 to only 10)

6th: effectively 2 (because it caps your opponents max possible score down from 10 to 8 points)
7th: effectively 4 (same reason ... from 8 to 4)
8th: effectively 1 (same reason ... from 4 to 3)
9th: effectively 3 (same reason ... from 3 to 0)

Equalling or bettering the opponents stone count can be very important because for that mid point, scores aren't just a plus for you but rather a swing of points, from them to you.

Do you have any game examples that you can share?

If we're ever online at the same time, I'd be happy to play you, give pointers.

(Feel free to add me to your friends list, if you like.)

I hope that at least some of this might actually help a little, anyway.

Best regards,


Cartographers / Re: Display issue with score
« on: 11/12/21, 07:57pm »
"Not available Now"?   ???

Guns are only scored once each, regardless of whether they're between desert locations vertically or horizontally or both.  Two guns, eight points.  That's my understanding of the situation, anyway.  Hope it helps.

Mine is on (didn't even realise) but everything is working as normal.  Latest version.

G'day, Monica.

It means if you did have enough stone, then you could build up to four roads at once, but yes you do need to acquire the stones to be able to get the roads.  If you don't have enough gold, then you could always try the lucky card for stone or gold (once every ten minutes or so).  The roads last much longer than the Granaries, but they too are temporary (based on how often you play, though; the more you play, the faster things will wear out).

It's one stone per road, at The Castle.

The base rate for food production is six per hour (one every ten minutes); each road adds one food per hour, up to 22 roads (if you've earned enough meeples) for 28 food per hour.  This means, if you did actually have 22 roads, then for your basic limit of 20 food to fully recharge the waiting time could be reduced from the full three hours and twenty minutes to just under forty-three minutes (one food every couple of minutes or so).  To do all this (if you'd earned enough meeples) would probably only cost less than a couple of US dollars.

Your four roads, if built, could get you down to a total recharge time of only two hours (one food every six minutes).  I think you could probably do this about three or four times over for the site's minimum purchase price of US$1.69.  But most people who are going to spend real money would probably just pay for a period of Magic Potion and circumvent all this need for Food production (and patience) in order to keep playing whenever they want.

I hope that this helps.  Any further questions, just ask, and I'll answer if I can.

Andrea, maybe instead try duplicating the browser tab and closing the original quickly.. it works for me.

Thanks, Melarnos and Andrea, and you're welcome.

Andrea, I guess you have to remember how far down the scroll bar goes, click-hold drag the bar to that exact spot straight away then straight back up again if it's all good and green (without letting go of the button, that should be quick enough).  I wouldn't be using the scroll wheel if that's what you're doing, that's way too slow – unless you have fantastic reflexes and you're incredibly adept at using the wheel's clicker!

Finito / What a win!
« on: 31/10/20, 05:45am »
Never had a win quite like this before!  (In a short number of moves, too!)

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