Author Topic: Cartographers: Suggestion for improvement  (Read 6849 times)

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Cartographers: Suggestion for improvement
« on: 17/11/20, 07:26pm »

One thing I find frustrating with the game at the moment, is that at the end of each season when the points are evaluated, I have no way to see how my opponent is doing in the same categories.  I need to wait until the evaluation is over and the overall score on the right is updated before I know how I am doing compared to the opponent.  It's great to see how my points are counted, but I usually have quite a god idea of how many points I'm going to get, but much less what my opponent is going to get.

The kind of thing I'm thinking of is to put the opponent's scoring panels below mine during the evaluation. Once my score for each part has been added, the equivalent opponent score becomes visible.
I realise this would require a graphical as well as code update, so I realise it's not something that can be incorporated quickly. But it would be a good addition as part of a major upgrade.

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Re: Cartographers: Suggestion for improvement
« Reply #1 on: 18/11/20, 09:17am »
I completely agree. One of the many things on the to do list unfortunately.