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Happy Meeple community / "handshake draw"?
« on: 14/03/21, 03:53pm »
Since we have a "white flag" button for resigning a game, could there be installed a "handshake" button such that, if both people click on it, they agree to call the game a draw (similar to chess)?  I have just played a game of Finito where it seemed obvious early on that we would draw, but we had to play it out since neither of us wanted to resign the game.  Maybe not a big deal (Finito is fairly fast) but just something to consider.

Cartographers / Adding an “are you sure?” feature?
« on: 31/12/20, 10:14pm »
I have noticed that when playing on my phone the pieces shift over just as I hit the green checkmark  ✅.  Would it be possible to add some “are you sure?” confirmation step to cartographers  like you have in hex roller?

Cartographers / Non-standard personal objectives
« on: 04/12/20, 05:02am »
I finished a board with no trees!  And I only lost by six points.  My sentinel wood was zeroed but my mages valley was spectacular!  ;D

How many board arrangements are there?  Two with chasm and two without?  Which bots are they all paired with in training?  To clarify I mean the board at the start of the game before either player draws a card/plays on the map.

Wait I checked the rules - so there are only two types of maps - with the chasm and without the chasm?  So only two arrangements of mountains and ruins?

Cartographers / A small way to make bots smarter.
« on: 22/11/20, 10:24pm »
I notice the bots tend to put pieces at the top of the board.  If instead they tended to put pieces at the bottom (bottom left especially) they would at least score better when “the broken road” was one of the objectives.  Can they be given the bottom left corner as a seed instead of the top of the board?

Cartographers / Largest Lost Barony?
« on: 19/11/20, 07:21am »
I got up to 8x8, but it was in training and Verboten helped me along with a well-placed monster.

Anyone get 8x8 with a human opponent?

Anyone get larger, either vs a bot or vs a human?

Cartographers / Wall of shame
« on: 18/11/20, 08:45pm »
Post here if you had a massive great city and then lost all the points you would have gotten because you forgot that you can’t put a great city next to a mountain.

Cartographers / More food for winning please!
« on: 18/11/20, 03:18am »
Given that the game costs a whopping 11 food, isn't a mere +4 food for winning a game a little stingy?  By comparison, you can win +3 food for winning at Lost Cities, which is half of the 6 food cost to play that game.

The chasm counts as a filled space.  Does it also count as one of the three terrains if adjacent to a village space under the "green gold plains" objective?

Cartographers / Best Broken Road?
« on: 10/11/20, 09:37pm »
I was able to fill in 9 out of the 11 rows of The Broken Road (the chasm helped).  Including the 11 square diagonal!

Has anyone gotten 10 or even (gasp!) all 11 rows of The Broken Road?

Cartographers / On Filling every single space
« on: 03/11/20, 04:06am »
I imagine if so it would take a lot of luck and could be suboptimal, but is it even possible to fill up every single space in four seasons?  Perhaps only if the chasm is in the middle?

And if it is possible, has anyone ever done it?

World, castle, market... / Customize the castle?
« on: 24/07/20, 04:18am »

While I am temporarily famous I thought I would put in a plug for installing the ability to customize the castle with victory points.  8)

All I did was "bump" up a troll poster by posting "." 6 times on that group chat, so that others could not immediately see their swear words in the chat.  This is a practice that has been done before by others and got rewarded by Admins. 

Is there a mistake or have the rules changed?

Level X / Etiquette?
« on: 03/04/20, 04:16am »
Is there some sort of unwritten rule that one should not use the “hoard all the 10s or 9s” tactic?  I have branched out from Lost Cities and May be committing some faux pas by using that tactic (I was asked to “play fair”).

Happy Meeple community / More rooms at the inn?
« on: 28/03/20, 05:14pm »
With all of the new players maybe we need more little windows on the inn page so that more people can open games at the inn?

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